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Monday, March 06, 2006


This isn't good time to be a lefty

The local lefties must be pretty down these days. First, after 15 months, the Oregon Supreme Court has finally affirmed people's will and their private property rights. Even if more challenges will follow, the dream about socialist utopia has taken a big kick in the ass.

Then, the Cornelius City Council decided that an American retailer that employs a lot of people and allows even more people to save a lot of money is welcomed in their booming town. The defeat to the anti-free-market forces was so big that the editor of our local paper started crying in public.

A few days later, the US Senate voted overwhelmingly to rebuff Peter Truax of the Forest Grove City Council (together with many other city council all over the country,) West County Council for Human "Dignity" and many peace-mongers on GroveNet. All of them supported so called "Patriot Act Resolution" and lobbied their representatives to kill the Patriot Act. How sweet it is to see the anti-American, pro-terrorist forces slighted by their own representatives confronted with the realities of upcoming elections.

Today, the US Supreme Court added an insult to the injury already inflicted by the US Senate and unanimously reminded all the peaceniks in Forest Grove and surrounding areas that federal money comes with certain strings attached. The Supremes rejected the free-speech nonsense presented by some law schools demanding my money and telling me to stuff it if I want something in exchange. But most importantly, "Justices ruled even more broadly, saying that Congress could directly demand military access on campus without linking the requirement to federal money." Did you hear it? Congress would be within its Constitutional rights to impose recruiters on all schools, public and private alike, to fulfill its responsibility in the time of war to defend this country. Peaceniks of Forest Grove be damned!

And let's not forget that a new legal battle has just started in South Dakota where a sweeping abortion ban was signed today by Governor Rounds (2016?) It may take 10 years as with the Salomon case but eventually the US Supreme Court, completely remade by President Bush, will overturn Roe V. Wade and return at least part of the Constitution to its original meaning.

No, it's not a fun time to be a lefty in Forest Grove. Maybe November will bring more joy. I can only hope not. For the country's sake.

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