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Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Anybody but...

...Zmudzinski. Yes, I'm proud to announce that I've joined a very prestigious club of Anybodies But. (or is it Anybody Buts?)

This is from an e-mail to a local liberal group:

"For what it's worth, I'd endorse ANYBODY except Zmudzinski and Howard. I lean toward Pete Truax (of course), Lommen and Wallard."

Please note that this writer endorses Pete Truax (of course) because of his support for a resolution to condemn the Patriot Act.

In fact, another e-mail says:

"Pete Truax: he deserves our backing after his strong support of the Patriot Act resolution.

Krystof Zmudzinski: by his own description in the Oregonian he is extremely right wing."

The resolution never passed. But Mr. Truax still doesn't get it. In the same article in the Oregonian mentioned above he says:

"Looking back, he said he would have pushed more in December to have the council take a stand against the USA Patriot Act."

To be fair, the article also says:

"He wants to extend the MAX light-rail line into Forest Grove [...]"

This gives the libs another "good" reason to support him. But it is still telling that his only qualification to be a city council in Forest Grove as far as this liberal group is concerned is his opposition to a piece of federal legislation.

BTW 1, Truax has been teaching in Forest Grove school district since 1977. And people ask me why I spend over $500 a month to send my two sons to a private school.

BTW 2, I oppose the light rail in Forest Grove (of course.)

You might find http://www.demographia.com/ helpful in opposing the extension of the light-rail line and other plans to increase density in Forest Grove.
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