WUI (Writing under the influence)

Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

This old house Grovenet Wal*Mart Visiting Poland American wine better than French.

Friday, July 25, 2014


We are second class citizens

While hordes of illegal immigrants are stampeding across our southern border unimpeded, federal agents along our northern border detained and harassed a group of law-abiding American Boy Scouts.

If this is true, it's over.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Progressive policies corrupt human soul

Welfare State copy
I've often said that it will take at least two generations before Poland or other Eastern European countries can get rid of the damage progressive policies made over the last half-century.  Every time I visit things seem to be getting better.  But the freeloaders still exist and are getting more and more vocal and demanding; just like in the US.  Once you get used to somebody else paying for your ride, you want to stay on the wagon. And some politicians who also want to stay on the wagon make more and more room for you.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Who really wages war on women

Besides crazy Islamists, that is.

How about a guy -- Democrat candidate for Congress -- who says this on Twitter?

"100k to anyone w nude photos or sex videos of scumbag she hunts animals for fun let's hunt her for fun"
Remember when Rush called that slut a slut?  Rush had a point and he talked about a woman who was advocating publicly for stealing money from us so she could have more sex.
This douchebag is talking about a private citizen who posted some pictures on her Facebook page.
A good comment from the post that summarizes my thoughts on that moron perfectly:
"I am continuously amazed by people that think hunting is the worst thing on earth. I have to keep lowering my expectations of leftists and their infantile thinking, which is getting difficult to do.
The real window into their soul, however, is the cavalier manner in which they wish death upon their fellow man. They are truly sick and depraved people."

Although I have to admit that nothing the leftists do these days surprises me anymore.

Monday, July 07, 2014


This has to be a lie...

...because only soccer is boring.

Sleeping Yankees Fan Sues ESPN For Defamation

Andrew Rector


Some people I know...

...could be described this way:

Socialism is seductive to the immature. And a sneering envy is one of the least attractive of all human qualities.


English only?

Why would a private business be punished for requiring English, when most governments today require Spanish for many jobs?  In fact, many private businesses require Spanish, which automatically excludes vast numbers of otherwise competent people who may not be employed and would gladly apply but can't.


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