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Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

This old house Grovenet Wal*Mart Visiting Poland American wine better than French.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

One way to get rid of (illegal) immigrants is to improve their countries economies. On the other hand, you can ruin your own economy. This is exactly what's happening in the USA and in UK.

Who knew that Poles had more common sense on "global warming" than many so called sophisticates as France?

Madoff is a bad guy? But FDR did the same with Social Security. When it finally collapses, the damage will 100 times as big. Then there is Medicare and state retirement funds, etc. After all, Fannie Mae was invented by FDR. And where did that get us?

Even NPR can be right from time to time. This report tells a story about people who really deserve our praise (unlike somebody like Obama, Al Franken, any Kennedy still alive, etc.)

"Faced with a growing dissident movement in 1981, the communist government in Poland declared martial law. The U.S knew it was coming, because a Polish army officer named Ryszard Kuklinski had secretly leaked the plan to the CIA. For nearly ten years, Kuklinski was the CIA's top spy in the Soviet bloc.

"This week, the agency marked the anniversary of Polish martial law with a program in Kuklinski's honor."


Tree house before "global warming" failed us

No work on the poker room has been done lately. I've decided to finish the tree house first. There is some old lumber I'm storing in the poker room to dry, which will be used for the tree house. Once that is used to build the roof of the tree house, I will finish the walls and put the floor down.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maybe Congressmen could be paid in Freddie Mac paper and union officials in GM stock.

I adopted bought a dog for my children. They had been asking me for years for one and I finally gave in. What I don't like about those pet adoption places is that they treat animals as if they were children. I may not eat my dog (although I had dog meet a few years ago while visiting China) and may not put it to sleep kill it if the vet bill exceeds the price for the poison, but I will never treat my dog on the same level as another human; even a Democrat. I also resent being called this dog's person. I'm its owner. And it is not my companion.

It is a f***ing dog!

But we all like her very much. She is a lot of fun. And I finally don't have to eat all the food my kids leave on the table. That should be good for my waistline.

BTW, I also like horse meet. I've never had a cat. But after this protest, if I ever visit China again, I will make sure I have some.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Stupid Polak watch

This gives me enormous satisfaction. Not only are these stupid Polaks, they are stupid environmentalist wacko Polaks.

GREEN campaigners called police after discovering an illegal logging site in a nature reserve – only to find the culprits were a gang of beavers.
Environmentalists found 20 neatly stacked tree trunks and others marked with notches for felling at a beauty-spot in Subkowy, northern Poland.

But when officers followed a trail left by a tree which had been dragged away, they found a beaver dam right across the river, as reported by the Austrian Times.

A police spokesman said: "The campaigners are feeling pretty stupid. There's nothing more natural than a beaver."

As somebody who came to appreciate good coffee in Italy and somebody who speaks Italian fluently, and somebody who hates overspending, I simply despise Starbucks. Besides it seems that most people working for the company are liberals.

The coffee is over roasted and when I actually give in and order using the names and sizes on the price list (e.g., grande, venti, etc.) the so called baristas don't understand me. So, I in fact, when on the road, I buy my coffee from McDonald's. So I find this development pretty amusing and not a lot surprising.

Blogo proves what said a while ago: some Democrats -- mostly those militant liberals -- are sociopaths. Democrats will claim he is insane. But if all crooks are insane, shouldn't that also apply to the few corrupt Republicans? Another funny thing is how Democrats who are caught claim that they did it for the children. Remember Clinton? Now, whenever I hear a Democrat proclaim that he is doing anything for the children, I suspect he is a crook and he is doing it for power and his own enrichment. I mean enrichment as in money.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Democrats have been screwing us up since 1932. But, in general, it's been a slow process; although the latest housing fiasco may have accelerated it a bit. But it is still amazing how California is driving 200mph from prosperity to bankruptcy.

Quote of the day:
"Those of us who were paying attention to reality before Nov. 4 never took Obama's pledge to flee Iraq seriously. Although it is especially repugnant to seek political gain by promising to lose a war, it is also common for presidential candidates to make unrealistic promises, especially on foreign policy, and disregard them once elected."

Best of the Web Today -- Taranto

Do you want to see what will happen to your health-care, housing, and even cars when Democrats are done socializing everything? (BTW, it's called national socialism for a reason.)

Watch this sport video. My family owned one of those but I always thought they were getting bad over a short period of time. It turns out they were bad from the very beginning.

So just as I've been becoming more friendly toward the French because of their president, he is losing me:
GDANSK, Poland (AFP) – The leaders of France and Poland began talks Saturday in an attempt to iron out differences over Europe's troubled climate pact, set to be adopted next week by the 27-member European Union.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who also presides over the EU until the end of the year, and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk met in the Baltic coastal city of Gdansk.

The two leaders were later due to be joined by the prime ministers of eight ex-communist states which have baulked at adopting the EU climate change package fearing the impact it might have on their economies.

"We have to find the right path to a compromise. If we cannot, by the end of the luncheon, reach an agreement, then the night of December 11 will probably be very long," said a member of the French delegation.

And he is doing it in my birth town!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Stupid Polak watch

2008 will be the coldest year in the last decade. The 1930 have still been the hottest years on record. Yet, there are Polish morons (I still hope that most of the protesters from West Europe countires) who think socialism wasn't so bad and want more of it.

POZNAN, Poland (Reuters) - Thousands of climate protesters, some dressed as polar bears, devils or penguins, demanded on Saturday swifter action from the United Nations to combat global warming.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Tree house update

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blacks and Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The question is why. And the answer is: who the hell knows. This story from the great depression era proves that for some people party is more important than religion, common sense and even personal freedom to engage in capitalism.

Not that this is a great surprise but it seems Republicans are better informed than Democrats. I didn't want to say stupid because I know many Democrats have high IQ; I know some. But they just brain washed.

Why Sudan and not Iraq? The only answer is that we will never benefit from peace in Sudan.

Old story but made recent because Bush is being lobbied by Durbin to pardon Ryan.
The Willis' attorney suggests that if Ricardo Guzman understood English, he should have understood other drivers who tried to warn him that his taillight assembly was about to fall off. Wisconsin state police say numerous motorists reported trying to warn Guzman.
When I took my first driver's test, I took it in Polish and the answers were also marked. I spoke English but somebody told me to request the test in Polish. So I did. When taking the test I noticed the pencil marks next to the answers. I would have probably passed the test anyway. But once I noticed the marks I copied all the answers. I made one mistake on purpose. After 20 years int he states, after reading stories like this one, I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed of my government that allows any other language to be used in this country.

I lived in Wisconsin from 1995 to 2000. I traveled extensively by car to Chicago, Milwaukee, and other places in the area. Knowing now that there were 1,000 truck drivers who may not have been properly licensed and could not speak English (and many of them were from Poland) makes me mad. Ryan is a Republican, just like Stevens. And as far as I'm concerned, they may as well die in prison. Don't let them out.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Tree house

I've started building a tree house for my girls from the lumber recycled from the old deck. The slow progress was further interrupted by the Thanksgiving trip to Utah. I should be able to finish the whole thing before Christmas though.

I'm happy to say I just visited Utah and was happy to spend my money there. But I don't think Utah needs my help and will be much affected by the boycott. The unemployment is low and economy pretty good. Why? Because when you have principles, everything in your life is doing well.

Maybe it's a new strategy to get wacko environmentalists off one's back but I'm slightly ashamed of Poland for hosting UN talks on "climate change" for the next 10 days. Of course, another explanation is as an old Latin proverb said "pecunia non olet."

10 terrorists keep a multi-million city under siege for 3 days. This can only happen in a country where guns in hands of citizens are outlawed. This is what the left in the US wants for us. And yes, this is not about poverty or some other grievances. It's about a warped religion. And to our peril, many in the government and most in the media refuse to acknowledge it.

Quote of the day:
"Last time I looked, [...] the abject poor in Panama or Haiti were not targeting icons of globalization in their cities, or roaming their streets looking for Jews, Americans, and Brits."
Apparently, I'm being ruled by idiots. They are elected by other idiots. No wonder Democrats are in power.

Ed Driscoll has made a nice video on political violence using the picture I took before the election.

Wars are cheap and social programs will bankrupt us.

Many people are puzzled by Obama's cabinet picks. I'm not. He wants to succeed at all costs. He knows that capitalism, conservative values and strong national security work. And everything else doesn't. He also knows that man-made global warming is a hoax. So he goes with what works. Sure, he is a lefty. But he also knows that Clinton's was a "successful" presidency because Republicans were in charge. He will not have the benefit of Republican watchdogs for another two years (just as Clinton) and he prefers not to be tempted to do the stupid thing.

BTW, anybody who criticizes Obama for whatever reason is called racists. Accordingly, the new definition of racist is as follows:

Racist—n.,adj. 1. Any person who performs any act, holds any belief or makes any statement that negatively reflects upon or adversely affects Barack Obama or his policies, positions, interests, conduct, associates, or holiness. 2. Any act, belief or statement that negatively reflects upon or adversely affects Barack Obama or his policies, positions, interests, conduct, associates, or holiness. Synonyms: conservative; Republican; red state; rural; churchgoer; gun owner.


Stupid Polaks watch

Brzezinski, you are an idiot and a disgrace to the Polish people everywhere. You are a moron. You worked for another moron called Carter. You are a failure and you worked for another utter failure called Carter. BTW, who is Scowcroft?

Jankowski, you are an idiot....


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