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Sunday, October 19, 2008


She is not a woman - She is a Republican

I've heard it before. It doesn't bother me at all when the extreme lefties say it. It doesn't bother me at all when so called feminists (or as Rush calls them, femi-nazis) say it. But when one of my parishioners, supposedly a Catholic, who at least in theory should be more respectful says it, I'm very saddened.

It's true that Oregon is the least Christian of all states and the least Catholic. And I know that at least half of those few Catholics vote Democrat and more than that will vote for Obama. It's one thing to be engaged in (wrong) political discourse. It's quite another to simply turn your opponent into a non-human.

On the positive note, it's funny that Obama in many people's minds is running against Palin.

This picture was taken before the 5:30 pm mass yesterday at St. Matthew parish parking lot in Hillsboro, OR.

The point is not to deprive her of her humanity, but to assert her defining characteristic in an electoral context. Sure, it's badly phrased, but it's not that hard to understand.

It should read "Don't vote for her because she's a woman, vote against her because she is Republican."

Give me a break.
dude, edit out the license plate.

Bad form.
No, the point is to de-humanize her. Once you can de-humanize someone, it's easier to hate them.
dude, edit out the license plate.

Yeah~ Post her home address, that's the Democratic way.
Enjoy the New McCarthyism everybody!!

Thanks for playing Republican Democracy!

Remember... when America goes socialist, you're out of planet!

Hadn't even thought of running the plate numbers! Thanks for teaching evil, forvrin! You're a good teacher! Dude!!!

We can key cars, too!
It's quite consistent behavior; to the left, any woman or minority who doesn't toe the left's line isn't really a woman or minority--so, Clarence Thomas and Shelby Steele aren't really black to them, and now Sarah Palin isn't really a woman.
Yes, by all means edit out the tag. After all, if you can't expect privacy on a bumper sticker, where can you expect it?
Gee, the thinking behind this bumpersticker seems awfully familiar. Oh yeah, now I remember...

They are not human beings.
They are Jews.

Note that the very first cpmment immediately tries to spin the bumper sticker's message. "She's not a woman" is crystal clear, Austin. Your attempt to nuance away its obvious meaning is laughable.

It's not badly phrased. It means precisely what it says.
Austin's attempt to derive subtext and deep meaning from a bumper sticker is pretty funny.

Even Dem bumper stickers are too nuanced to be taken for their literal meaning...
key the car?

typical GOP moron
Be nice to Austin, after all he's not even human.

He's just a useful idiot for his marxist overlords.
Whatever you think about the sentiment. It is very wrong to post the license plate.

Two wrongs don't make a right.
If they didn't want their license plate to be seen beside the sticker, maybe they shouldn't have put the sticker beside the license plate?
But the car, the car --that's not the Union Label! A mexed missage --
You can perhaps post this over it

Of course the point of the bumper sticker is to de-humanize Sarah Palin - it means literally and exactly what it says.

My regular coffee shop is near Capital Hill in Denver and we get Democrat political types in regularly. One morning I overheard a woman saying to her companions - (apropos of I don't know what) - "They're not persons, they're Republicans."

I started to speak up and ask if I'm not a person does that mean I don't have to pay taxes. But I guess that would make me an unpatriotic non-person.

This guy has nothing to worry about: Republicans don't hunt down and harass people because of their politics. If they did, they would be Democrats. It's like being afraid the vegetarian in front of you is going to take a bite of your hamburger if you turn your head away.
It's a car in a public place, and moreso it's a sticker that invites inspection, there is nothing wrong with taking a picture of it. Once cannot possibly put on a bumper sticker with an evocative message then try and run to privacy.
You should obscure the license plate number. Sadly, there are nuts on the right, too.
What's the tax status of the owner of that car?
I would have preferred:

"She's not human - she's a Republican"

So much clearer and and the truth to boot.
Let's see. This guy complains that not everyone in Oregon is Catholic. And, he complains that they have wrong political discussions. Then, he says that Oregon is the least Christian state. Maybe he should have stayed in Poland where most everyone was Catholic and shared his rightwing views that not everyone should be free to worship as they please. He moved to the USA, but fails to understand our religious freedom and our freedom of expression. How very, very sad.
There is no "nuance" in a bumper sticker: it means what it means. Various Democrat spokespeople and major figures in the party have already expressed much the same sentiment: Because Sarah Palin is helping the Republicans she's a "traitor" to her gender and should not be considered a woman anymore.

It's a result of the "Victim Identification" mentality liberals adopt. All women are victims, therefore anyone who says she's not a victim cannot be a woman. In the same way a Republican black can't really be a black, nor a homosexual Republican can't really be a homosexual. If you're not a one of the "victim" groups but not a victim then you are a monsterous perversion of The Natural Order of Things and must be DESTROYED lest you spread your evil across the face of the planet.
Leave the license plate. It's difficult in Oregon to derive personal information from it. It's also in full public view - if the person can't defend it, screw em.

No hate like liberal hate.
> He moved to the USA, but fails to understand our religious freedom and our freedom of expression. How very, very sad.

No, idiot, you don't understand. Freedom of expression does not mean freedom from criticism - in fact, it means the exact opposite. No one is saying that this person isn't free to have such a bumper sticker - we're just saying that it is despicable. And rightly so.

Now go back to your planning for the Ministry of Truth.
It's quite consistent behavior; to the left, any woman or minority who doesn't toe the left's line isn't really a woman or minority--so, Clarence Thomas and Shelby Steele aren't really black to them, and now Sarah Palin isn't really a woman.

Bingo. The point isn't to de-humanize her, but to strip her of the coveted victim status that the Left uses to shield their own women from criticism.

It's the same thing that's going on when they whip out all their racist terms, such as "Uncle Tom" and "Oreo", for use against blacks who dare to think for themselves (remember Michael Steele?)-- before they can permit themselves to attack, they must first withdraw the "special status" talisman from the target.

That is why I knew that Anita Hill would be black before anyone ever heard of her -- two talismans to one.
Car-keying and red/blue divide...

...18 years living in the Bay Area taught me that, forget "Reagan Country" stickers, an American Flag or Yellow Ribbon either by themselves was enough to get one's vehicle vandalized.

Y'all libs are just that kind of people.

Such concern over property rights from the people who hack Sara Palin's email account, post Bristol Palin's cell phone number or disclose Joe Wurzelbach's home address is truly touching...to my gag reflex.
the obama supporters are worried that someone might see the license plate of the car bearing this bumper sticker and act like the guy who keyed my wife's car for her pro-life bumper sticker...

such back-stabbing cowards are not fit to live in a free nation...
and you gotta love the christian fish just below the dehumanizing bumper=sticker ... WWJD indeed
The sentiment on this bumper sticker is nothing new. Several years ago, after the SCOTUS handed down the Casey decision, a Pennsylvania state representative named Karen Ritter made the statement that Sandra Day O'Connor was not a woman.

Then as now, the truism holds: conservatives think liberals are wrong; liberals think conservatives are evil.
Yeah -- this one reminds me of the car I used to walk past regularly in 2004/2005 at my office parking lot. It had a bumper sticker on the back that proclaimed "Bush/Satan" as if it were a ticket. It offended me because it not only implied that Bush was aligned with Satan but also that anyone who would vote for him was voting for Satan. Talk about dehumanizing.

Funny thing was that the same car had another bumper sticker that I thought expressed a low opinion of Bush in a much funnier and less offensive manner "Somewhere in Texas there is a village missing its idiot". I might not have agreed with the sentiment but at least I could appreciate the cleverness.
An attempt at wit exposing the intellect of a fool.

Beware bumper-stickers. They expose not only your political affiliation, but also the heart.

Jesus would not be impressed with this display.
The bumber sticker reminds me of the old slogan I used to hear in parts of the deep South: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste - especially on a n****r."
The Nazis had a slogan: "They are not men and woman. They are Jews."
The bumber sticker reminds me of the old slogan I used to hear in parts of the deep South: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste - especially on a n****r."

I've lived in the south all of my 58 years. I've never heard that, even among the most hateful of bigots, who were, by the way,committed democrats.
I wonder if the person with the bumper sticker has a tax lien and if they have a proper license for whatever job they do. Has anyone acted like a Democratic thug and checked it out?
"Tolerant, Compassionate Liberals" are the biggest nazis we've seen on earth since 1945. You people ought to think about what you're becoming.
Next week just park near this car (or in some other prominent place) with a bumper sticker or sign that says:
He's not Catholic, he's pro-abortion.
or (depending on your own vehicle)
She's not pro-worker, she drives a foreign car.
Christians who vote for Obama are responsible for the additional abortions under him than under McCain.
Nothing highlights the utter depravity of today's left than the fact:

That unrepentant terrorist William Ayers is an acceptable member of their community but Governor Sarah Palin is not.
"An attempt at wit exposing the intellect of a fool.

Beware bumper-stickers. They expose not only your political affiliation, but also the heart. "

That's why I never wear my politics in my denim, purse, or car bumpers.
One more thing: that kind of attitude will lead this nation to its eventual break up.

It is sad to say, but a critical point will come in the future, when people realize that they can no longer work together as one nation, and decide to become more than two nation-states. It has happened before, and it can happen here.
The level of knee-jerk hatred is appalling. Just because we disagree on our political views does NOT and never has meant that those who don't agree with us are inherently evil - and yet this is precisely what this mindset promotes!

And as to Oregon being the least Christian - one might want to consider that Catholicism is adamantly prolife and any Catholic voting for Obama is ignoring that reality since he IS by his own words, adamantly pro abortion.
These liberals are so tolerant and compassionate toward diverse opinions and lifestyles.
Keep writing, Polish Immigrant. We love you!!!!!
I love you.
Way late in the day, but posting that license plate could open you up to a really, really nasty law suit, the precedent having been set by another Christian who posted the license plate of a man he felt was "probably" all kinds of perverted things merely because he was wealthy and drove an expensive car.

I agree with you about the mindset behind the bumper sticker, but I wouldn't be on your side in a court of law if you ever got sued for posting that tag.
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