WUI (Writing under the influence)

Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

This old house Grovenet Wal*Mart Visiting Poland American wine better than French.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Young and stupid

I tried to cancel my Twitter account -- not sure why I even bothered signing up -- but I couldn't find the option to do it.

I tired to do it mostly because I find this new media rather stupid but I was prompted by this article from AP:

Twitter, a tool of choice for dissidents and activists around the world, found itself the target of global outrage Friday after unveiling plans to allow country-specific censorship of tweets that might break local laws.

Local laws in some countries -- some Muslim countries come to mind -- include stoning of women who were raped, for example. So if a woman gets stoned and somebody wants to twit about it, it will not go through now? Nice! Not knowing about all these problems around the world will make my consciousness even cleaner.

How about this? Can we block Obama's twits about millioners and billioners eating poor children for breakfast?

Monday, January 23, 2012


Why we need universal healthcare

To take care of these people. So what will happen to them when we go bankrupt? Oh, wait.....

Monday, January 02, 2012


Happier New Year

We can only hope. I'm amused by all those which-Republican-is-just-too-extreme stories while we are being ruled by the most extreme administration since FDR.

I often wonder why Democrats -- especially those so called Progressives -- want to tell me how to live my life. And the answer is always the same: they simply hate individual freedom.

This story makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Idaho Power plans to cut off electricity on Tuesday to plant in Pocatello, Idaho, that makes material for solar energy, because the factory owes $1.9 million in unpaid utility bills. The dispute is with Honolulu-based Hoku Scientific, Inc., which is backed by Chinese financing and enjoys federal and state incentives.

Our wise politicians and other elitists in Forest Grove can't wait to spend billions of money we don't have to connect our town to the rest of civilized Portland metro with a light-rail line. The story above should reminded them of two things. One, the electricity for those trains has to be produced by something else than solar panels. Two, as it often happens, when the train fails, buses are used to haul passengers; somehow, these racket scientists can't figure out that maybe buses is the only thing we need in the first place.


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