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Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanks, but no thanks! And, yes, thanks!

I'm traveling. This morning I had to attend a mass in a Catholic church in Logan, UT. The thing that I always pay attention to are the things different churches pray for. On this day, this particular community prayed for clean air, clean water and renewable energy sources but omitted members of the US Arm Forces. Coincidence? I don't thinks so. There are crazy Catholics everywhere, even (or especially) in very conservative, traditional and so American Utah.

But I'm particularly thankful today because it seems like we are about to witness something between Bush's 3rd term and Clinton's 3rd term. I'd prefer Bush's 3rd term as national security is concerned and Clinton's 3rd term (with Republicans running the Congress) as far as economic policies (minus the housing-development-or-something-like-that act) are concerned.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Quote of the day:

"As I hear about the death knell of conservatism, I'm reminded of Churchill. He won WWII, and then lost the next election to a Fabian socialist named Clement Atlee. Brits had become tired of risk, tired of war, tired of privation and so they gave the reins to a man of the left. Atlee began to commandeer large swaths of the economy. In fact, my favorite Churchill story is the one about the time that Churchill was standing at the urinal in the men's room of the House of Commons. Atlee came into the room and stood at the urinal next to Winston's. Churchill looked up at him, zipped up, moved a couple of urinals farther down and resumed his business. "Why Winston, I had no idea you were so modest.", said Atlee. "It's not modesty, Prime Minister. It's only that every time you find something that is large and functions well, you try to nationalize it, and I thought it best not to take a chance!".

"Atlee did nationalize whole industries, and the industries and the political opposition resisted. The things that were large and functioned well in the private sector, got larger, but did not continue to function well under socialism, and eventually, Churchill won back the office of Prime Minister."

Will Obama be cleaning after FDR or just try to postpone the inevitable.

It may be your party and you are more than welcome to stay. But we will control it. Also, Obama didn't win Ohio -- he took 45 thousand fewer votes than Kerry -- McCain lost it. 350k Republicans stayed home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been thinking about teaching eventually when I retire. But I would not teach if I had to join a union. I would also not teach if I had to put up with bad behavior. So I guess teaching in public schools in the US is not for me.

This is what happens if you have anti-racism laws, hate crime laws, hate speech , etc. On the other hand, even without such laws, Republicans in the US would have to resign for a similar comment. BTW, the joke was rather lame. Maybe there should be a law against lame jokes. On the other hand, maybe the joke wasn't racist. Obama may not be black after all.

Legal immigrants and Latinos who have been here for generations are all hurt by illegal immigration so they vote accordingly. And some Republicans are prepared to fight.

You want proof that the media, public schools, universities, etc arranged this election for Obama? Visit this site and watch the videos.

I have to admit that they sound so uninformed (actually, ill informed) one wouldn't be blamed for suspecting this video is a fake but there is a poll that confirms the video. The poll was a multiple choice one so, as the author of the video says, a monkey would get 25% of the poll right and some of the Obama voters did worse.

I will also concede that there are many uninformed voters on the other side as well. But if there were a test on basic government knowledge as a prerequisite to voting, there would not be a Democrat party.

BTW, is seems the left wants to destroy the messenger again. Because it is impossible to refute the facts, I guess.

Kulongoski is promising to make the same mistakes FDR made and create all kinds of useless projects. Obama and Democrats are promising to make the same mistakes. But no matter how many times they are reminded that public works projects didn't work then and for sure will not work now (because of environmental laws, for example, that didn't exist then,) they won't listen because they don't want to admit FDR's economic policies were a failure.

Is it a coincidence that 30 years after the Jamestown, the media again are covering for a socialist? This is why Obama was elected: the end justifies the means. In other words, the media will not report anything bad because the guy is one of their own. This is what socialist propaganda can do to you. And if you dissent...

Speaking of dissent, is it still patriotic?

I have a bumper sticker on my car that says Dope (instead of Hope.) Will I be next?

I'm thinking about putting another bumper sticker on my car (they are all magnetic so I can change them frequently and only have one at a time) that says "Is dissent still patriotic?" I'm planning on doing a lot of dissent in the coming two years. But should I be afraid?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We should thank Sarah Palin for we still have more than 40 seats in the Senate and lost only 25 in the house. Without her on the ticket many more conservatives would have stayed home (or not sent their ballots.) Measure 8 in California may not have passed.

So they riot just as they promised. Can you imagine what would have happened had Obama lost?

And they are angry because Prop 8 was bought? How about Obama's election? Also, California didn't legalize gay marriage; California's supremes did. It may be the same but the author purposefully doesn't say it.

BTW, if more woman did what's right (i.e., get married and stayed married) Obama wouldn't have had a chance.

I don't want to analyze why some Republicans simply stayed at home but they just did. I understand they wanted to punish the party or a particular politician (i.e., McCain, Smith, etc.) But there were a couple of ballot measures that could have passed if just a few more Republicans just voted and voted for them. Look what happened in TN:
A wave of rural support for presidential candidate John McCain helped lead Tennessee Republicans to majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly for the first time in 140 years.

Republicans turned over eight legislative seats in 27 mostly rural counties where McCain beat Democrat Barack Obama by a 32-point margin. President Bush won the same counties over Democrat John Kerry by 24 points in 2004.
Yes, we can!

Lastly, Democrats didn't win. Just as they did two years ago, Republicans lost this year because they act as Democrats. We will be back in 2010.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sure, I'm sorry that McCainPalin didn't win. But I fear that had he won, there would have been riots as promised and that McCain's presidency would have been opposed as much as Bush's. We are in the situation we are in mostly because since 2000 a big chunk of the population simply didn't accept Bush as their president the same way now most Republicans accept Obama.

So I'm sorry but I'm also glad. I'm glad because I don't have to defend Bush anymore. In fact, I may now indulge from time to time in some criticism of Obama. Hatred? No. That's the left's domain. We provide constructive criticism and opposition. We also support the right decisions. The left opposes everything if not in power. It will be interesting to watch what happens in Iraq now that they own it. Since we have won, they will for sure claim the credit.

I'm also very proud of being Republican. All day today the only thing I've heard from main-stream Republicans was the following questions: What did we do wrong? What can we do to convince the voters ours are better ideas?

There were no accusations of voter fraud changing the outcome (yes, we know ACORN has caused a lot of voter fraud but we know already that if we want to win it can't be by 70,000 votes in Ohio) or accusations that we lost because the media were biased (they were, but we had overcome this before.)

Yeah, he and his allies in the congress may put this country through hell but as it has happened before, Republicans eventually will bring it back. The problem is that after we come back we are never able to fully clean the house. And the reason is very simple, the real world is a very dangerous place and to protect the US from our enemies, Republicans compromise with Democrats: let us fight this battle and we will give you all the handouts you need to stay in power. Reagan did it when he fought the Soviets, Bush did it when he fought Muslim extremists.

But maybe they didn't have to do this and maybe future Republican presidents can learn something from these examples and won't repeat the same mistakes.

As John Derbyshire of the Corner says today:

"What did it all get us, those 8 years of pandering and spending? If GWB had turned his face against new entitlements, closed the borders, deported the illegals, held the line on calls to loosen mortgage-lending standards, starved the Department of Education, and declined those invitations to mosque functions, would the GOP be in any worse shape now?"

He is right. Being nice gets us nothing.

BTW, Kulongoski says Republicans should be more moderate. There is no Republican left in the Northeast because they were moderate. Kulongoski knows exactly what he is doing: if all Republicans turn more moderate, we will have Democrats running everything in a generation.

BTW, nobody will be able to say racist and homophobe in the same sentence. What happened in California is monumental. The whites rejected the ban, yet it was overwhelmingly approved by blacks and to some extend by Latinos.

Lastly, this is still a very conservative (i.e. normal) country. California has become the 30th state to reiterate what marriage really means. It was easy because one doesn't need media to tell him how to vote. A normal person knows it instinctively. The problem is that since FDR screwed up economy while pretending he was trying to save it, the left has been trying to convince us that his polices were good for economy.

For example, today, they have managed to convince a lot of people that the financial meltdown was somehow caused by lack of regulation. Unfortunately, these people can't know any better because economics is not an easy subject for many. And the media don't help. The public schools don't want to help. They relay on uninformed voters to maintain their power. This is why they are now talking about the fairness doctrine.

Oh, and affirmative action is over, right?

Monday, November 03, 2008


My ballot is ready to be dropped off tomorrow morning on my way to work. These are the choices I made:

President: Palin
US Senator: Not Merkley
My state rep.: Not Riley (but it sounds similar; at least to me)
FG Council: Aldie and nobody else (vote for 3 is a rocket for incumbents)
56: No
57: No
58: Si
59: Yes
60: Yes
61: Yes
62: Yes
63: Yes (I'm working on my garage and I'd like to finis without any interference)
64: Yes
65: No

Otherwise, I voted for Republicans (or other non-Democrats if Republicans were not present) and against any bonds, levies and other way of "spreading the wealth around." I also don't vote on any race that is nonpartisan (except for city council.)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I took these pictures today within a small block in my town of Forest Grove, OR. This university town will probably go overwhelmingly for Obama.

But I have to say that this is the first time I see people making their own signs in a state were the McCain campaign decided long time ago it wasn't worth spending money (and procure enough yard signs for all supporters) because it wasn't competitive. So people here are left to their own devices to show why they will vote for McCain: it's not about him.


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