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Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Teachers' union are a plague

Even in Poland. The only solution there and here is to privatize the whole thing. At least I'm not the only one who says so. People who create jobs and try to hire morons that manage to even graduate from high schools say they may not put up with the status quo for much longer and take those jobs elsewhere. I wouldn't blame them. The same people vote for Obama. Them and the professors who teach them.


So Obama is a dunce...

...but that's OK because is a Democrat. If Bush had said these many stupid things in 7 years that Obama has in 7 months, he would have been impeached. The only good thing about him winning will be four years of fun we will have laughing at him.


Speaking of taxes

Not all socialists raise taxes to keep us down. Some actually believe that it makes economy better. So they raise them and raise them. And the economy is so bad that even people who want to leave that socialist nirvana, can't. Because they can't sell their houses. Of course, they can abandon them. But then, it will be Bush's fault, of course.


Welcome to Obamaland

Now he tells you he feels your pain. But the moment he gets a chance he will make sure you pay $12/gallon. That's what socialists do. His only problem today is that the capitalism works. Once the gas is expensive because of taxes, he will say it's for your own good and that you can afford it and it's good for the environment and that other countries now love us...


How blind can they be?

The Brits are asking themselves how to solve the huge problem of so called "knife crime" whereby hundreds of people have been killed by knifing. How about this? A right to carry! No, not a knife, you dunce, a gun.


Case closed!

This case is very simple. A dog runs into the street. A car runs it over. The dog dies. There is a damage to the car. The case goes to court. And if there is any justice, the guy will get money to repait his car. Unfortunately, we are talking about Portland, where pets are treated better than children. So you never know what those dunces will do.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Google is worse than Dogpile

Why wouldn't Google change its logo to at least acknowledge one of the most important holidays in the US. I wonder if Google's workers know why they are taking a day off today. Or maybe they are not. The stupid Ruskie should know why his parents brought him here. Such a tool!


Global test

This is the reason why we should never ask others to join us.

A top Taliban commander linked to the deaths of British soldiers has escaped German special forces because they were not allowed to kill him under their rules of engagement.

It highlights growing fears that NATO forces in Afghanistan are not fighting to the same set of rules as each other.

The commander who escaped is known as the Baghlan Bomber after masterminding a 2007 attack on a factory in Baghlan province which killed 79 people.

German special forces recently had him in their sights in Afghanistan.

But he escaped capture by the elite KSK troops and the German government will only let their soldiers fire in self-defence.

The bomber has also organised ambushes against British military convoys....

(Via Corner)


Operation Chaos

I never thought I would say it: I feel sorry for the Clintons. What is happening to them is exactly what they were doing to many Republicans for the past 15 years. The difference is that now many who are still on Clintons' side have admitted that Republicans had been right when they complained about the media bias. It is also clear that the politics of personal destruction have been invented by Democrats. It was probably Teddy Kennedy when he borked judge Bork. It went downhill from them. It is now so bad that Democrats are eating their own.

I still will celebrate the end of the Clinton ere but I'm afraid it may get even worse; especially if Obama wins. It will get so bad that certain topics will be beyond the pale or, worse, actionable. Arguing about abortion, gay marriage, affirmative action (a.k.a. quotas) from the right perspective will be subject to hate speech laws similar to those in Canada dogging Mark Steyn as of late.

It is so ironic that the extreme left always complains about stifling dissent while slowly redefining the 1st amendment or destroying lives of people with whom it disagrees. If Obama wins, Dixie Chicks will look like child's play.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Look on the bright side

Of course I don't like Kennedy's politics. He's been trying to steal money from me since I came to the US to realize my American dream. He is trying anything he can to make me a slave. But finally there is something he can do to further my agenda for a change. If he gets cured, it will be because our health care system is still superior -- no matter how much Democrats are trying to gut it -- to anything anywhere else in the world. So I only hope that he recognizes it and stops his efforts to ruin what is still as good as a capitalist economy can produce without socialists like Kennedy interfering.


Bush lied?

At least he waited until 2003. Obama has started before officially becoming the nominee of his party. Those 75,000 people who supposedly came to worship him the other day in Portland apparently came to listen to a local band and probably, after 45 minutes of listening for free to communist propaganda that are the lyrics of most of the Decemberists' songs, were too stoned to leave and stayed to listen to him. The media don't report it. In fact, they make a big deal out of all that fake support he got probably to tell Hillary to get lost. Boy, it almost makes me feel bad for her.

No, it doesn't.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Almost forgot

Today was the Operation Chaos night. I voted to save my country from its enemies.

No, I didn't have to shower more than usual.


Let's make it clear

If you still support Obama, I can't be your friend. There is a limit, albeit, very low, below which I can't go. This guy is worse than an empty suit. He is nobody. I have said in the past that I would vote for Micky Mouse as long as she was a Republican. But voting for Obama just because he is a Democrat is beyond the pale.


See no evil

My wife listens and contributes to NPR. It's not all bad because this is how I can justify contributing to NRA. But from time to time, unfortunately, I overhear what amounts to news in the liberal world. For example, today, NPR "reporters" called bin Laden "Bush's biggest critic" as opposed to America's biggest enemy. Given what Obama says about our enemies, no wonder NPR and other MSM try and represent our greatest enemies as Bush's enemies. I wonder what will happen if God forbid a democrat becomes the next president. Will America's enemies all of the sudden become America's enemies? Only if it is easy to neutralize them without too much effort and without benefiting America.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Nobody likes us?

I will take Israel over any other country. So as far as I'm concerned we are loved and respected. And Bush did it!

Actually, it turns out that most European countries are now run by parties who are very pro-American. And Bush did it!

So shut the .... up!

Oh, baby, am I repressing (your) dissent?


Smile? Heck no!

All of you who know me (including my wife) who complain I rarely smile. Guess what!

Scientist: Smiling can hurt your health

Will you leave me alone? I want to live!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Liberal fascism

It doesn't bother me as much that gays in California will be marrying until the constitutional amendment reaffirming the marriage is passed in November. What's really strange is how liberals are praising the 4 rogue judges. If people in overwhelming majorities vote time over time on how they think the society should function, liberals call it (Christian) dictatorship. But when it's clear to anybody with room-temperature IQ that 4 judges invented a new right, they celebrate the "democratic" process. This shows liberals' contempt for that process. This shows that indeed liberals are today's fascists. They don't care what people think.

BTW, slavery is illegal because the people added an amendment to the constitution. It took Christian preachers a long while to convince people that we are all the same in God's eyes. Please, try to convince us again.

Also, president Bush is exercising his constitutional war powers and the same liberals call him a fascist. Can't they see the irony of their hypocrisy?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


That piece

I've noticed that things disappear from the big 0's electronic pages from time to time so I copied and pasted the whole thing below.
Left turn at Forest Grove
The city's progressive community is growing and getting more vocal
Thursday, May 08, 2008
The Oregonian Staff

FOREST GROVE -- Anywhere but Multnomah County.

That's what Krystof Zmudzinski, a self-described "radical Republican," told his wife when they moved to the Portland area in 2000 from the left-leaning college town of Madison, Wis.

The Intel engineer knew Portland's progressive (he would say "liberal") reputation and wanted none of it.
So the Zmudzinskis chose a home in Forest Grove that happened to be two doors down from Carol Woodford -- a supporter of Dennis Kucinich, the former presidential candidate who proposed cutting the military budget, using the money for child care and establishing a Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

Although the mismatched neighbors are civil, they represent two sides of Forest Grove's political picture, which both see as split between progressives and conservatives.

In the past two years, though, the number of registered Democrats in Forest Grove has increased while Republican registrations have declined. And the local, vocal progressive community is growing in size and volume.

Of roughly 9,000 registered voters in the city, 40 percent are Democrats, 34.5 percent are Republicans, 22 percent are nonaffiliated and 3.5 percent are registered with smaller parties, such as the Libertarian or Independent parties, according to the Washington County Elections Division.

Zmudzinski's friend, Ray Arkus, can see the difference: "Republicans and conservatives are definitely in the minority now."

The political picture is changing across Washington County. In December, voter registration countywide flipped back to majority Democrat. It had switched to majority Republican in 1981, during Ronald Reagan's first year as president.

Forest Grove was ahead of the countywide shift. In January 2006, Forest Grove, Cornelius and Beaverton were the only three cities -- of 12 countywide -- with more registered Democrats than Republicans. Six other cities have since joined them: Hillsboro, North Plains, Tigard, Tualatin, King City and Durham.

Of those original three, only Forest Grove and Beaverton consistently gave a majority of Democratic votes in three of the decade's highest-profile contests: Al Gore and John Kerry for president in 2000 and 2004, respectively, and Ted Kulongoski for governor in 2006.

Some of those newly registered Democrats may be Republicans such as Zmudzinski, who on April Fool's Day changed his registration so he can vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton in the May 20 Oregon presidential primary and keep that race dragging on, as suggested by conservative talk radio hosts.

The registration change brought two polite but unsuspecting canvassers for Sen. Barack Obama to his door, Zmudzinski reports on his blog.

But overall, Zmudzinski guesses the new Democratic leaning here may reflect that "the entire country is slightly tired of Republicans," mostly because of the Iraq war.

Progressive and conservative forces have faced off in Forest Grove for decades. On the urban fringe, this city of 20,000 might be expected to hold a more Republican orientation, as do most of its smaller, rural neighbors, said Bob Van Dyk, chairman of Pacific University's politics and government department.

But Forest Grove has several features those towns don't, such as a liberal arts university.

"Forest Grove I think would look a lot more like Banks or Gaston or North Plains than it looks now if the university weren't here," said Van Dyk, who lives in town.

Early progressives

The city's progressive roots run deep. Both the university and the Forest Grove United Church of Christ that sits across the street were founded in the mid-1800s by pioneers from the Congregational Church. That church had recently helped free the Amistad ship's mutinous slaves -- a progressive cause of its time.

More recently, organic, farm-fresh food drew Forest Grove progressives in the 1970s to a thriving food cooperative and cafe in what is now Pacific University's Milky Way building. The co-op served as a cultural center for professors, students and the back-to-the-landers sprinkled across rural western Washington County.

n the early 90s, many of those co-op veterans joined new activists to fight an anti-gay ballot measure in Cornelius.

Sister Barbara Raymond and two other nuns, then new Cornelius residents working at Centro Cultural, helped organize a campaign against the measure, which passed in 1993 but was later declared unconstitutional.

That loss -- to a well-organized conservative group -- sparked local progressive activists to organize. In 1994, they formed what is now called the West County Council for Human Dignity and began tackling issues related to immigration, civil liberties, campaign finance reform and state budget cuts.

Statewide network

The council is part of the Rural Organizing Project, a statewide network of 67 groups that focus on social justice and human rights. Adelante Mujeres, a Forest Grove nonprofit that works with low-income Latinas, is also a member.

The council was one of seven groups to participate in a 2004 survey to seek progressive voters. Fifty volunteers went door to door in Forest Grove to ask about voter attitudes on issues such as the Iraq war, same-sex marriage, civil liberties and children's health care.

Of the 368 people surveyed, 112 took a progressive line on almost all issues, 199 gave mixed reactions and 57 were hostile or uninterested.

In the last group would have been Ray Arkus, a retired veteran who runs the Local Fisherman News Web site. He remembers a "human dignity group of some kind" getting past his usual defense against "left-wing" activists: "On my doorstep, I'll fly the American flag. That'll usually deter them."

Local progressive groups are organized, he said. "I'll salute them on that. They hit you at every turn, they testify at every hearing, they pack the boards."

Arkus did not get one of the thank-you notes or voter guides council volunteers sent after the survey to the progressive and "mixed" voters, along with invitations to council events. Since that survey, the council's mailing list has more than doubled to 410 households, and another survey is starting this month.

Also in 2004, the news editor of Willamette Week left the progressive Portland paper to take over the Forest Grove News-Times. That made the local publication "considerably more lively and open than the average small-town paper," said Walt Wentz, treasurer for the West County Council. "It's getting much more cosmopolitan."

A recent front-page story focused on a talk by one of Pacific's politics and government professors, Jules Boykoff, on how the government and the media suppress dissent in the United States.

Jim Moore, an instructor in politics and government at Pacific, also cited the paper as a factor in the city's increasingly progressive character, although it encourages input and columns that reflect all views, including Zmudzinski's.

Another factor, said Russ Dondero, a professor emeritus in politics and government, is the city's Latino community, which grew from 9 percent in 1990 to 16 percent in 2000, according to U.S. Census data. Though socially conservative on some issues, Latinos tend to vote Democratic, he said. It's also "a consciousness-raising thing" for the city, he said.

"Open and affirming"

In January, the already progressive United Church of Christ, an "open and affirming" church that welcomes gays and lesbians, hired as a pastor Jennifer Yocum, who is lesbian, and a few of its more conservative members left.

Zmudzinski sees the college as the biggest progressive factor in town: "If my dream came true and Pacific University disappeared tomorrow, the town would be very conservative."

Progressive activism on campus has increased during the past three years, according to Lorelle Browning, a professor of English and peace studies. She also is a West County Council member.

Last November, Pacific students formed a chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, a group known in the '60s for its radical views. The Pacific chapter wants to "encourage critical thought" on current issues, according to its constitution, and hosted a talk by a former Black Panther in March.

The students' Progressive Union has been active in AIDS and hunger issues and voter registration.

Van Dyk, of Pacific's politics department, said some types of students drawn to attending Pacific "would be a bit more open to progressive issues than a school with a strong conservative religious basis or a school focused more exclusively on business administration."

Zmudzinski knows of no organized conservative groups in town and thinks conservatives keep quiet because they fear a liberal backlash.

He has tangled on GroveNet, a Forest Grove e-mail forum, with Eric Canon, one of the city's most outspoken progressives and chairman of the Interfaith Committee on Homelessness.

Canon excoriated Zmudzinski two years ago for his comments on illegal immigrants, accusing him of smears and "twisted values," then apologized and resigned from the list -- as did Zmudzinski.

"It wasn't the media for me. I get too passionate. I get carried away, and in my zeal I insult people," Canon said last week.

Progressives aren't the only ones who lash out. Last Thursday, for example, Pacific professor Mike Steele said he was carrying a lawn sign from the city's Obama campaign office to his car when a car slowed and a young man yelled, "If it ain't white, it ain't right!"

But overall, says chamber of commerce director Teri Koerner, Forest Grove is "almost as liberal as Ashland was when I left Ashland" in 2004.

Still, Koerner always sees potential for the pendulum to swing back. She has seen that happen repeatedly with small-business owners who must suddenly deal with government regulations and fees: "Their liberal leanings become more conservative."

Jill Rehkopf Smith: 503-294-5908; jillsmith@news.oregonian.com


The bias is so strong it's blinding

I wrote to the reporter who penned that piece on Forest Grove and how it has become a liberal progressive mecca. I wanted her to acknowledge that attributing that last quote to a non-progressive (given that politics in the US is pretty much binary, it must have been a conservative or at least a Republican) was a case of MSM bias against conservatives. This is what she said:
"Thanks for your email. I have no problem imagining that some Democrats could be racist -- and after talking it over with my editor, we don't think the wording implied otherwise. I can see that given the progressive-conservative dichotomy I'd been using throughout the story you might think it was implied, but I specifically reworded the passage to avoid that impression. I also tried to write about the difficulty of labels in the 'What is a progressive?' sidebar so that readers would be warned not jump to conclusions related to labels and would understand that who we are (and whether or not we are racist, for example) is much more complex than can be captured in a single label. I don't think readers are jumping to the conclusion that conservatives are racist, but I do think it was important to include that story just to show that even in Forest Grove such attitudes pop up every so often."
I don't get it. My sons who are in 4th and 6th grade knew that the following quote meant only one thing:
"Progressives aren't the only ones who lash out. Last Thursday, for example, Pacific professor Mike Steele said he was carrying a lawn sign from the city's Obama campaign office to his car when a car slowed and a young man yelled, 'If it ain't white, it ain't right!'"
If progressives are not the only ones, that means that the jerk who can't even speak proper English must have been the opposite. Well, let me think. Who could that be? Oh, yes, a liberal.


Is her bias so strong as to make her and her editor completely oblivious to it? Or do they think their readers (in major part liberals themselves) are too stupid or to blind to pick on it?

I guess the latter.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Democrats project racism, again

I had a lot of problems with the piece in the big 0 that talked about the end of the conservative movement in Forest Grove. But there was one thing that really bothered me a lot but I didn't know why. At the very end, there was this one quote from Steele (the infamous PU professor) who apparently, while carrying some signs from the Obama campaign headquarters to his car, heard that "It ain't right if ain't white" from a passing by car. I would never believe anything Steele has to say. But after today's primary in West Virginia and all the commentary in MSM I think he might have been telling the truth. There are indeed Democrats, as I suspected all along, who are so racist that they would never vote for a black candidate even if he agreed with them on all the issues. For some reason, both Steele and the "reporter" from the big 0 had assumed (or projected) that only the other side could be so vicious.

I still don't believe Steele. I don't think it rally happened. But if it did, the "reporter" shouldn't have attributed that racist outburst to a conservative. But that's what she implied in her piece.

I can't say I'm really surprised.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I will have to work now

I didn't realize that the recent piece in the big 0 would force me to post something on my blog more than once a week. Apparently, the woman I talked to had found out I had a blog and she referred to it in her article. So now I'm receiving e-mails telling me that my blog is being bookmarked and people expect some red meet.

Well, I will try. But be prepared for anything. I may as well post a few pictures from my last house project: converting my garage into a poker room. Or I may comment on my neighbors' cats that invide my backyard and how I wish I could find enough strength to disregard the local laws and start shooting them.

In any case, I will try to say something at least once a week.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Catching up on the poker room

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Death with dignity

Report: Wis. One Of Worst States For Falls By People Over 65


Friday, May 02, 2008


I still can't believe it

It is indeed hard to believe that London could have elected a right-winger (by European standards, of course) even if the entire country was swept by the right fever. Even if McCain sweeps all 50 states, I think most big cities will keep their extreme-left governments. After all, inhabitants there live in a different universe. So what happened to Livingston?


Italy, England, I get, but Rome and London?

The leftist of the world unite in despairing. Your years are over.


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