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Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
are destroying it.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's a good start

Tthe Catholic Church has finally realized that the so called contraception mandate is an assault on all of us not just religious organizations. But as long as the Church supports Democrats in everything else they do for so called social justice, many of us will not support the Church. Not only doesn't it work, it also enslaves those of us who don't want to participate. So I do agree with the Church's position but only to a small extend. Social justice is a misguided idea.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I never liked him either. Maybe we are not supposed to say that but I've always found him and his wife rather unattractive. Not that I liked the Clintons any better.

I don't know all the details mostly because the so called MSM are not saying anything but this shows again that international laws should never overrule our own.

Three Siskiyou county children will be deported to Zimbabwe at the end of April.It is a battle between international and federal law and in this case international law trumps federal.It all began back in the 1990s when Krystal Chilson married Johnathan Curle. Chilson is a U.S. citizen, while Curle is a Canadian citizen. The two decided to move to Zimbabwe to do missionary work. Over time the couple had several children and frequently traveled between Zimbabwe and the United States. Two of their children were born in the U.S., another was born in Zimbabwe but is a U.S. citizen.

If we only had so much resolve deporting illegal aliens...

HT: Lars Larson via Orbusmax.

Proof that more money in government education leads to the same miserable outcome: failure.

To bring the district into compliance. the judge ordered it and the state over the next 12 years to spend nearly $2 billion to build more schools, renovate old ones, integrate classrooms and bring student test scores up to national norms.

But when the judge finally took himself off the case last year, there was little to show academically for all that money. Although the district's 37,000 mostly minority students enjoyed some of the best-funded school facilities in the country, student performance hadn't improved.

It was a major embarrassment and an ideological setback for backers of vastly increased funding for public schools. From the start, proponents of Kansas City's desegregation and education plan had touted it as a controlled experiment that would resolve once and for all two radically different philosophies of education.

What do they say now? Racism?

If you’re a liberal, doing the right thing (by liberal lights) must be compulsory.

Indeed, as they say. I still have to do my taxes but I'm already sure I paid much more in charity than the 1.5% so called Catholic Biden did. And my salary is not even close to that of Biden's. But, again, we already knew that liberals are only generous with other people's money.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is what useful idiots look like.


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