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Monday, March 06, 2006


The editor comes clean. Sort of.

I noticed some time ago that the Forest-Grove News-Times had been publishing rather one-sided "news" reports and even more one-sided editorials against Wal*Mart.

Finally, after the Cornelius city council handed the opponents what seems like the final defeat, the editor of the News-Times went on record as the opponent of Wal*Mart.

It’s time for me to come clean.

Last week's Cornelius City Council vote greatly boosts the odds that Wal-Mart will end up in this neck of the 'burbs, If so, what would I do?

As editor of the News-Times, I'd see that the event gets covered. As publisher of the News-Times, I'd gladly accept any advertising dollars that Wal-Mart wants to spend with this paper.

As a consumer, however, I doubt I'd part with much of my own money there.

That's partly because I share some of the concerns raised by Wal-Mart critics concerning its employment practices and the effects it has on small competitors and its own suppliers.

But, to be honest, my main reason for shunning Wal-Mart is the same reason I avoid any big-box retailer: I don't enjoy spending my money there.

I've never really been a big shopper and after years of comparing prices and watching for coupons, I now value service and convenience over price.

When our washing machine finally made its last spin cycle, I didn't even bother looking at the big-box ads. I stepped into Van Dykes and asked Pete what he recommended.

When my daughter needed shin guards last summer, we didn't check the specials at the national chains. We walked over to Frye's, picked up a pair and got some free soccer tips to boot.

I buy my milk three blocks from the office, at Hello Market where Gonghui Zheng uses small, local distributors to stock his shelves.

As a result, his bread comes out of Milwaukie, his butter is produced by a farmers' co-op in McMinnville and that gallon of two-percent in my refrigerator started out at a family-owned dairy in Silverton.

I realize that it is a luxury not to have to watch every penny. And should Wal-Mart set up shop down the road, there will be many families who will be able to save a few needed dollars on their shopping bill.

No kidding. But because you have found a "better way" everybody else has to now suffer the consequences of your enlightenment. How typical. How... lefty.

However, I have to say that it was somewhat refreshing to see Mr. Schrag come out as an anti-Wal*Martite. Even though I had long suspected it, it's nice to see some in the liberal media admitting their anti-capitalistic bias.

Unless, of course, this was Mr. Schrag's last attempt to garner last-minute popular support for any upcoming appeals. Maybe he thinks people will see how noble his shopping preferences are and will follow him to the bitter end opposing what may be a chance for many to find employment and save some money.

In that case, it was simply pathetic.

Lastly, I will have more respect for him when he comes clean on his unrelenting refusal to "analyze" the impact of illegal immigration on our area. When he gets enough testicular fortitude to do so I may re-subscribe to the paper.

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