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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This isn't good time to be a lefty, part 2

First, this.

DeLay Revels in an Easy Primary Victory


HOUSTON, March 8 — Fresh from his rout of three challengers in the Republican primary on Tuesday, Representative Tom DeLay released a statement Wednesday headlined "DeLay Delivers an Old Fashioned Texas Whoopin'."Final figures from the Texas secretary of state's office gave Mr. DeLay 62 percent of the vote, a ratio of more than two to one over his closest rival, Tom Campbell, a lawyer, who received 29.9 percent. Two other contenders, Mike Fejtland, a lawyer, and Pat Baig, a teacher, received 4.6 percent and 3.3 percent, respectively. Mr. DeLay rolled up 20,558 votes. Mr. Campbell had 9,937; Mr. Fejtland, 1,550; and Ms. Baig, 1,115.

And how about this one? (From e-mail I got this morning from The Club for Growth.)
Early this morning, Club members and the Club for Growth PAC won a historic victory. Congressman Henry Cuellar turned back an intense challenge from former Congressmen Ciro Rodriguez in a Texas Democratic congressional primary.

It's historic because Cueller was the first Democrat ever endorsed by the Club's PAC. No Republican was running for this seat, so Cuellar's win was tantamount to reelection. And what a win! Cuellar is a pro-growth Democrat who supports repeal of the Death Tax, extending the Bush tax cuts, and is a strong advocate of free trade.

On the other hand, Ciro "the Zero" Rodriguez (in honor of his 8 straight "F" grades from National Taxpayers Union) had the full support of organized labor, MoveOn.org, liberal bloggers, Democracy for America (the group founded by Howard Dean), and over $100,000 in advertising from environmentalists. Even Sen. John Kerry backed Ciro Rodriguez with a check. And of course, he had backing from trial lawyers too.

In the other corner backing Cuellar and his pro-growth policies stood Club members and the Club for Growth PAC. And we won!

Thank heaven for the members of the Club for Growth. Unlike the Far Left which uniformly got energized about this race, it was only Club members on the side of pro-growth policies who put real muscle into this race.

Club members have now proven that they can have a huge impact not only in GOP primaries, but in Democratic primaries too. Club members donated more than $170,000 through the Club's PAC to help Cuellar beat the Angry Left. The Club's PAC also ran an intensive phone bank that made over 50,000 calls to turn out pro-growth voters for Cuellar.

There are important lessons from this election for leaders in both parties in Washington. Democratic leaders need to understand that just because the loudest voices on the Left are shouting for higher taxes, more spending and greater government control over people's lives doesn't mean that's what voters -- even Democratic primary voters -- want.

Taxes and spending in Washington have gotten out of control because too many Republicans think they need to let tax cuts expire, oppose trade agreements, and bring government pork back home to get re-elected. But if a Democrat can successfully campaign on tax relief and free trade, then Republicans -- supposedly the party of limited government -- should be able to as well. And promoting such pro-growth policies is what the Club is all about.

We congratulate Henry Cuellar on his victory and encourage others to follow his example of supporting policies that will create economic growth.

And we thank all of the Club members who donated to Cuellar's campaign.

This isn't good time to be a lefty, part 1

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