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Sunday, January 09, 2005


FG HS watch

It seems that the reason for attending the next FG school board meeting is no more. I got this in e-mail yesterday:
This Call to Arms is cancelled for now. See below for the emails from Mike Steele and Molly that explain the story & process they went to through to get the PRIDE notices put in the Jan school newspaper. They’ll let us know when the issue is before the school board.

interesting choice of words: "Call to Arms". Why do Democrats object to our calling this a culture war?

The e-mails includes the following attachment (I'm including the name and other info of the author as he is a more public person than I first thought):

"For those of you who have been following this thread, I would like to update matters. Jack Musser, the superintendent, has consulted with each member of the school board as well as the students in the high school's journalism class in order to provide background context and review the district's policies and administrative regulations. After his consultations with board members, superintendent Musser has decided to move forward along these lines: [a] ads from the groups in question can reappear in the January issue of the Viking Log; [b] he will be meeting this week with Molly Franks of PFLAG for further discussion; [c] we will initiate a board review of the policies in question which will take place at some future board meeting[s]. Throughout the consultations and Jack's meeting with the students, concern for the well-being of students was foremost. We believe that we will reach a fruitful accommodation of the various interests, including our students' well-being, our concerns for best educational practices, and the ready availability of pertinent resource information for students and their families. In light of this ongoing process, the issue will not appear on the Jan. 10 school board meeting agenda. However, be assured that the policy will be under review for one or more future board meetings. Public input at that time is most welcome.

Thanks to all who have been in touch with me or my board colleagues on this matter.
With best wishes to all for a wonderful new year....


This decision, re the 1/10/05 meeting's agenda, was reached after I last wrote to you and reflects an ongoing process...one that will surely include further opportunities for public input. Let me know if you have any questions, OK?


Michael R. Steele, Ph.D.
Distinguished University Professor
English and Peace Studies
Pacific University
FAX: 503/352-2775

I'm going to obtain a copy of the school newsletter to see the ad. I will scan the add and post it here. Also, I've located a math teacher in FG HS who goes to St. Matthew and whose children go to St. Matthew's school. I will talk to him next week about this.

I also would like to entertain an idea of buying an ad in the newsletter talking about the risks of smoking and homosexual sex. I'd like to see what this group's definition of censorship is. Would they object to my ad?

I'd like to find out more about prof Steele and his department of English and Peace Studies. Funny name. I wonder how English and Peace Studies are related. It's a private university so I can't complain but I wonder if students' parents would be happy to know what goes on in this school.

Lastly, a reply to the e-mail above made me feel somewhat better; it seems that FG is still a conservative town:

Interesting, I think it would be wise to assume this issue is only temporarily settled. Time will tell if the Board bows down the the [sic] ultra conservative faction that seems to have a grip on many things in Forest Grove.

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