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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Public school watch

Reasons why my children will not attend public schools any time soon. Got this in e-mail:
"I coordinate a program for lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and questioning youth in Washington County called the Pride Project. Recently there has been some controversy regarding an ad that we tried to place in the FGHS newspaper designed to let students know about the Pride Project and also the chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) that meets in Forest Grove. The principal did not want the ad to include the words "lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and questioning" or the faces of two boys because he felt it was too provocative and not appropriate for younger students.

"In the end they agreed to print an ad with only the acronym LGBT and no pictures. However, this month the principal and superintendent decided that even that was too much, and would not print either the ad for PFLAG or an ad for Planned Parenthood that has been running in the paper for years. By law a principal is able to decide what will or will not appear in a school-funded paper, according to their own judgment, so there isn't necessarily legal recourse for the students.

"Having grown up in FG (and having edited the school paper), :-) I am well aware that there are people who disagree with issues such as sexuality or family planning being discussed in the paper. However, I feel it is important that students have access in accurate information and support that will allow them to make healthy decisions and feel safe in their community. Fear of controversy is not a good reason to prevent students from receiving information.

"This issue will be discussed at the school board meeting on January 10th. [...] If anyone is interested in hearing more about the issues, or supporting students rights to have accurate information about sexuality and health provided to them via the school paper, please contact me [...]. If you are a student or a parent of a student from the district, I think your voice is especially powerful. It would be great to have many people present at the meeting to present their views on the issue. I think this is a good opportunity to increase awareness of LGBT youth and people in our community, and educate people about how they can help crease safer and more inclusive schools for all youth."

I may go to that meeting because apparently I'm not sufficiently aware how wonderful our schools are where my teaching of no sex before marriage is undermined by mindless liberals. And that part about Planed Parenthood ads running in the school paper is just unbelievable.

UPDATE: It seems I'm not alone. And it would be so easy to resolve this problem with school choice.

My, that is REALLY REALLY scary.
Sickening, apalling in the least.

This is really where you see the true face of evil, where the cause to infiltrate the minds of our youth and turn our children's minds into mush is viewed an act of service to the community.

I hope you let your voice be heard!
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