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Saturday, July 03, 2010


Cup update: Germany and the new hand of God

Boy, how beautiful this game is! Brazilians are gone again; even sooner than 4 years ago. But, more importantly, somebody, finally, has stolen from Maradona, this f***ing moron, his title of the hand of God. Suarez is my here. Yes, he defended the goal with his hand. But what the hell was he supposed to do in the 121st minute of the game? There are professional fouls. Many players foul knowing they will get a yellow card to simply keep their teams alive. He made a professional hand-ball. He saved his team. His team is going to semi-finals.

But those assholes from FIFA are now considering to suspend him for 2 games. You know why? Because his action eliminated the only remaining African team. So history has not been made: no African team has ever reached the semi-finals. I don't want mix politics into this but it looks to me this is the same as criticizing Obama: you get punished twice. You are told you are a moron for not appreciating the great one. But you are also a racist. Suarez may pay for what was really an instinctive move anyway what seems an unbelievably harsh punishment. And if Uruguay makes it to the finals, which is very unlikely, why would you want that game to look as lame as many US super bowls when after the first quarter the games was over?

FIFA, you suck. You are like United Nations. You are lead by a French. You are a stupid political organization. I don't watch any pregame shows because I despise those stupid "Say no to racism" signs. Play the f***ing soccer!!!

OK, I'm calm now....

After Italian and American exits, I started rooting against teams as opposed rooting for them. So I wanted Mexicans out. I got my wish. I wanted Portugal out. Check. I was delirious when Brazilians, like 4 years ago, couldn't make it with their joga bonito crap. I wanted Argentinians (scratch that) Chavez-ass-kissing Maradona out. Well, Germans destroyed them today.

And now, I want Germans out. But I'm afraid that there is nobody to take them out. Sure, Spain may do it. Even Holland. But it will take another miracle. Like the one yesterday between Uruguay and Ghana. Yes, we need a few hands of God to defeat the Germans.

So I'm hoping the Spaniards will look as good today as Germans did. Otherwise, I'm afraid this will be 1974 all over again.

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