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I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Whether fabricated or real, a major economic crisis is what Democrats use most effectively for political gains. By blaming the rich in particular and capitalism in general, they manage to convince many people that Republicans are somehow at fault. Of course, aided and abetted by sycophantic media and academia, Democrats never acknowledge that their own misguided policies cause most economic hardships.

Playing on people’s fears, Democrats declare national emergencies. They call for creation of new programs and government bureaucracies. Then, over a few election cycles, demonizing and destroying anybody in their way, whipping up mindless class-warfare or environmental-disaster hysteria, Democrats turn these new programs into unsustainable entitlements and economy killing regulatory agencies.

When overregulated and overtaxed private markets can’t pay fast enough for the growing dependent class and hordes of government bureaucrats, Democrats take the nation deeper and deeper into debt. Then, predictably, instead of blaming their lust for political power and their constituencies’ greed for taxpayers’ money, Democrats point the finger at the so called “military industrial complex” and the “wars for oil.” Sometimes, they just yell ‘Yes, we can!’ loud enough to win another election.

Democrats made impressive electoral gains last November by taking advantage of a crisis of their own creation. As usual they blamed Republicans and promised to fix it all. But instead of helping the ailing economy, they spent trillions of dollars in bailouts to pay off government lackeys, unions and Wall Street donors. Despite promises to the contrary, the economy is still in shambles with no signs of recovery while the private sector hemorrhages hundreds of thousands of jobs every month.

Many people who voted for this “hope and change” start waking up to the deception. Democrats can’t rely anymore on the media and washed up university professors to make the case for their policies because even the most faithful can’t logically refute that the depression-level unemployment is now solely Democrats’ fault. So, concerned about the next year elections, Democrats are going back to their old playbook: make more people dependent on government.
After having regulated the health care sector for decades, Democrats insist that the only cure for the skyrocketing health care costs is more government intervention. Never mind that over the years they saddled private insurance carriers with mandates of questionable medical value. Ironically, Medicare and state-run health insurance schemes have to limit services they cover and they still run huge deficits.

The new program Democrats propose, innocently called “public option,” will probably start small. But inevitably, after choking off private competition, it will turn into another monster that will have to be fed a steady diet of huge tax increases with rationing and scarcity of medical services to follow.

If that weren’t bad enough, Democrats are ramming through the Congress their “cap and trade” energy bill. Based on unproven and shoddy science, the bill mandates limits and huge taxes on reliable energy sources such as coal, oil and nuclear power to supposedly make solar, wind, and other expensive and inefficient technologies more competitive. With absolutely no impact on the climate, this scheme, in addition to costing Americans millions in higher utility bills, will destroy countless manufacturing jobs when American companies start moving abroad to look for cheaper energy.

But Democrats don’t worry. They know people who lose jobs, who can’t pay their bills are easily persuaded that free markets simply don’t work and that government is the only answer. Democrats promise to spread the wealth around but the only thing they do well is spread a lot of misery while taking our liberties in the process.

They muck up markets, then complain about the markets being unable to perform.

Solution? Increase the level of muck-up.


Markets unable to perform.


Increase the level of muck-up.

Repeat until socialism/fascism achieved.
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