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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Obviously I was rooting for the family in this Supreme Court case even if their win is to some extent my loss since some taxes I pay go to the Forest Grove school district. But I have mixed feelings about the outcome anyway. Why is it that only children with disabilities should be treated this way? I'm sending my children to a private school because they are also special. Maybe they are just special to me. Maybe they are special because they are too smart to be in public schools. Who cares? The law should be simple: each family sends its children to any school it deems appropriate. Who pays for it? Preferably the family itself. But because we have this draconian system where the state takes money from me by force to then let me educate my children in a government-run school, the second best option would be if I were able to take the money the state would spent on my children and send my them wherever I wanted and pay the difference (unlikely, since I already pay less than the state would have) if necessary.

UPDATE: I've read Saunders's column and I think she misses the point. It's not about how wacky the parents are and whether this kid really needed a special school. Children should not be forced into government schools. Period. If, for whatever reason, parents thing their kids would be better off by attending that school or another, they should be able to make that choice. And that was my point: my children are special to me and I think they should not attend government schools. But I end up paying for this decision and I believe that at minimum, for as long as they are in school, I shouldn't be required to pay taxes to send somebody else's kids to school.

As a compromise, I would be willing to limit parents' choices to charter schools. Unfortunately they also face backlash from the teacher unions. We need more people like this guy.
Tom Menino, the longtime Democratic mayor of this city, is not known for rocking the boat or for eloquence. But earlier this month he stunned many in the city when he gave a powerful speech about school reform.

The speech took aim at the lack of progress in dozens of low-performing, inner-city Boston public schools, many of which have not met adequate yearly progress for five years running.

"To get the results we seek -- at the speed we want -- we must make transformative changes that boost achievement for students, improve quality choices for parents, and increase opportunities for teachers," Mr. Menino said. "We need to empower our educators to quickly innovate and implement what works." With that, Mr. Menino abandoned nearly two decades of personal opposition to nonunion charter schools, which have been bitterly resisted by Massachusetts teachers unions and their political allies. "I believe that the increased flexibility that charters provide can . . . help us close the achievement gap," he declared.

I'm curious what you thought of Debra J. Saunders's column.


Do "ADHD, depression, math disorder and cannabis abuse" constitute a "disability"?
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