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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How ugly guys get beautiful women.

So democrats want to punish the rich with high taxes on them and no taxes on almost 50% of people; the results, as usual, are disastrous:

"Revenues are projected to decline by $167 billion in 2009, to just 16.9% of GDP, the lowest since 1959. Individual income taxes are to be down $86 billion (-7.5%), corporate revenues are down $79 billion (-26.6%) but social insurance taxes are actually up $15 billion (+1.6%). Taxes from realized capital gains are expected to drop by $55 billion, more than 40%. (NOTE: These major swings in revenues illustrate the results of a highly progressive income tax that creates a small tax base. JCT indicates that tax filers with AGI’s over $100,000 were 16.9% of taxpayers but paid 85.8% of all individual income taxes. Note that wage based social insurance taxes are projected to rise by 1.6% even though the unemployment rate is projected to hit 8%.)"
Via Corner.

Similar story from NY. Because taxes are very progressive and the rich will get fewer bonuses this year, the state is in bug trouble.

Tax the poor!!!

Many say Bush is a complete failure. But what was one thing Carter did right? It seems that even the houses his Habitat for Humanity builds are failing. As with anything Democrats touch: it's only matter of time.

I hope all useful idiots eventually get their asses handed to them like Chavez did to Joe Kennedy.

Not everybody working for Google (including its founders) is a socialist. But it shows that even liberals like money and some of them even understand where they come from. Just for themselves. Not for others.

This is very close to how I feel about Palestinians and other "victims." There are some exceptions. But in general, your life sucks because your rulers chose it for you and you are incapable of anything. It's not our fault. It's yours. There are others who were in the same situation and they overcame it. My old country is only one and still imperfect example. There are others:

"[...] Hong Kong, a barren piece of rock with zero natural resources, under foreign occupation, chock-full of refugees from the Mao tyranny. The people there weren't lounging in UNRWA camps or making suicide runs at the governor's mansion. They were trading, building, speculating, manufacturing, working — with the result that Hong Kong is now a glittering modern city filled with well-dressed, well-educated, well-fed people, proud of what they have accomplished together, and with a higher standard of living than Britain herself. If, following the Oslo accords — or for that matter, in the 20 years of Jordanian occupation — the Palestinians had taken that route, had set aside their fantasies of revenge and massacre, and concentrated on building up something worth having, I might have respect for them. As it is, I don't."

And this should be a quote of the day:

"The only halfway sympathetic thing I can find to say about the Palestinians is that UNRWA has surely been part of the problem. If you go to the UNRWA website, you will see how proud they are of having fed, clothed, sheltered, educated and cared for the Palestinian refugees of 1948... and their children... and their grandchildren. The number of people UNRWA cares for has gone from 600,000 in 1948 to nearly four million today. Now, I understand that the prime impulse of bureaucracies, especially welfare bureaucracies, is the consolidation and expansion of their turf, and a steady increase in the number of their "clients"; but this is ridiculous. The good people of Hong Kong should go down on their knees every night and thank God that there was no UNRWA in the colony in 1949. So, come to think of it, should the German and East European refugees who flooded into Western Europe after WWII. (I have seen the number 14 million somewhere — the Sudeten Germans alone numbered three million. Where are the festering camps? Where are the suicide bombers?)"

And this is just priceless:

"When I say "the best option," I don't mean "best for the Palestinians". I don't think they have any good options. Being Arabs, they are incapable of constructing a rational polity, so their future is probably hopeless whatever happens. Their options are the ones I listed above: to be ruled by gangsters, or Israelis, or Jordanians, or welfare bureaucrats. Or to go live somewhere else, under the gentle rule of their brother Arabs. Would expulsion be hard on the Palestinians? I suppose it would. Would it be any harder than [other] options [...]? I doubt it. Do I really give a flying falafel one way or the other? No, not really."

Lastly, like man-made global warming that it isn't, we all know who caused the housing meltdown. But there is no harm in telling the story again.

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