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I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Cinco de Agosto

This should be a new holiday we celebrate in the USA instead of Cinco de Mayo. On this day, we showed the rest of the world, especially the morons supporting the so called International World Court that we are indeed an independent country and that if you break our laws you will be executed.

exactly...too bad it was only one of those scumbags that was put down.
I don't care if you are a Polish National, a Japanese National or a Mexican National, if you killed someone (two girls in this example) then the guy should be put to death. The only real crime is that it took too long. I don't understand why the hispanic media and the so called hispanic interest groups are always standing up for criminal behavior. There are lots of hard working Mexicans who deserve a voice, instead of these scumbags
You Americans are in good company - after all, countries like China and Iran execute their criminals, too, right? And I heard that even the Taliban used to engage in that fine tradition. Yup, you should be proud.
Unfortunately, the issue is not of whether Jose Medellin should be executed or not for breaking the law - that is quite irrelevent, the issue is the concern over his trial. He was denied access to Mexican consul during the trial - which raises serious concerns not only over the violation of an international treaty but over the legitimacy of his trial.

Regardless of whether Medellin was actually guilty or not - his case is questionable because of the rights, granted to him under the Vienna Convention, were denied.

Imagine yourself in an even worse situation:

While traveling in China you are apprehended by Chinese police alleging you are a spy for the US. You are not allowed to speak to American diplomats. It's an issue of human rights. You have the right to speak with a diplomat who could offer you legal assistance.

This is sort of like on Law and Order when the accused criminal asks for a lawyer before he says anything. If there is no lawyer present - any evidence is gaiend is inadmissable. This is because you HAVE THE RIGHT to a lawyer. Just you have the right to diplomatic consul.

I hope that clarifies the situation a bit.
Some of these idiots crying fowl cant seem to see the full picture. Two girls, 14 and 16 were brutally raped for an hour by 6 men, then taken to the woods to be tortured and the strangled to death by shoe laces. Who cares if they are Mexicans or Elves.

My common sense says.. it took too long to convict and punish these scums.

US is a decent country that is not afraid to stand up for the right thing. Latin America is a joke. Canada and Europe are spineless who will either not take a stand or will back off in the face of the first adversity. The Arabs are busy spinning the time back to stone age and the rest of the world is too busy with their own issues.

I am not a citizen of US but I am proud to have found a home here.
- Guess you did not read what NPL wrote 11:08 pm? The values you are oh-so-proud of (you know, what your country 'stands up for') are at risk when an accused's rights are being ignored. That is (inconveniently, you may think) still in your glorious Bill of Rights (Article 8?).
As a follow up to the guy who compared this to traveling in China or an episode of Law & Order . . . Medellin was not a visitor, he had lived in the U.S. since he was three years old, attended school here, etc. He was a foreign national, not a tourist. Additionally, he was read his Miranda Rights and given and public defender before he was questioned. The right to contact your consul does not mean the right to an attorney from your home country, which many times they do not provide.

So, when you "clarify" things for people, please be sure to do so correctly because the whole "tourist abroad" and inadmissible evidence from Law & Order are improper analogies. He had an attorney and had been living in the U.S., taking advantage of being all but a full citizen, and had to answer for his crimes as a citizen should. The Vienna Convention was not meant to be a crutch to foreign nationals who feel they are above the law, but for those who are, as you said, a temporary visitor in the country that is unfamiliar with the legal system and in need of support from your homeland. This was not the case with Medellin, he knew the laws and the punishment but decided to gang rape those girls with his friends and then strangle them to death with their shoe laces.
It is also appropriate to add that the reason he was denied rehearing by the Supreme Court after the ICJ released their opinion was because Medellin waited too long in his state appeals process, I believe until the third level of appeal, to bring up the fact that his consul had not been contacted on his behalf. The procedural aspect is that you have certain defenses that you have to use in a certain time frame or you lose them. Whether or not that was because he had ineffective counsel or because they wanted to wait to use that as a last ditch effort, I don't know, but he had 2-3 chances to use that to vacate his sentence and did not.
They should not of executed him I mean its ok for us to violate the law but let another country do us that way and we would hit the roof. By executing other nationalities other countries could have open season on Americans. In general I don't believe in the death penalty because its an unfair system. Also to keep an inmate alive for a lifetime it cost 100,000 if they sentence 1 to death it costs millions of dollars.
The World Court? , The Mexican Government?, The United Nations ?, The A.C.L.U. and the so-called hispanic media & interest groups ?..... Raising hell with Texas over the right to exacute a Rape and murder felon
Just because he is a Mexican National ?

What a bunch of CRAP !
It is my hope that the exacutation sends a strong message to Mexican Nationals ..... "Do murder & rape in America, you do not have the devine right of kings just because you scream " Im a Citizen of Mexico " !
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