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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The cooler it gets, the crazier they get

I was forced to talk to my children's (private school) principal today. Normally, I only complain that the math level is low. But I understand because K-12 education in this country sucks no matter where one sends his children. This time tough, I didn't complain. I gave the principal an ultimatum: if my children are subjected to the humans-are-causing-global-warming propaganda I may as well send them to public schools to be exposed to the same for free.

One of my sons told me yesterday that his computer class teacher had shown them a movie in which Co2 was called a pollutant causing the green-house effect and global warming and that humans were the major culprits.

Then she administered a test in which she required the children to answer 'Yes' to the question whether humans cause global warming by producing Co2. He answered 'Yes' as directed but he felt bad about it and that's why he talked to me.

I told the principal that I don't really care what the official position of the school is on the issue. The children are simply not equipped with enough knowledge to understand the topic and argue intelligently about it. Why is Co2 considered a green0house gas? Does it get warmer because there is more of it? Or, is there more of it because it's geting warmer? Is it really getting warmer? How have we been measuring global temperatures over the years? How precise have been the measuring instruments? Hell, how is Co2 capable of trapping light if at all?

Those are perfect topics for discussions in graduate school.

But the teacher simply chose to indoctrinate my children. For her human-caused global warming is as certain as 2 and 2 is 5 I mean 4.

We will see what the outcome of the conversation will be. But at least I know I get my money's worth when I can talk to the principal as a customer who can take his business elsewhere. I bet I couldn't do it if my children were forced to attend government schools.

This has been one of my long term issues with my son's school.

Earlier this spring he was writing a brief paper on the positive aspects of increased crude prices.

I pointed out that other forms of energy would become more competitive in price, and that in large measure these sources were located within the United States: sand and shale oil, liquified coal and natural gas.

He listened, then wrote that higher crude prices would mean we could use wind, solar and wave energy.

I asked why, and he told me his "econ" teacher told him these were the only "real" alternatives that we should be investing in.

I asked who "we" in that statement was. He said the government. I asked him why we didn't let private businesses do the investing. He didn't know.

There is an incredible lack of intersection between the world we live in and the world are kids are taught we live in.

Since governments are--I guess--willing to invest in technologies that we can't afford to purchase, that makes their efforts "better" than the efforts of the private companies that bring us energy sources we can afford to use.

Stoopid private companies.

(God, give me the serenity to get through my son's graduation exercises this weekend.)
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