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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Celebrate Live Earth, get an SUV

To celebrate Live Earth, we've decided that it's high time we got an SUV. Our mini-van is too small for 6 people and all the gear we need when going camping. At first, we thought we would get a Suburban. But it turns out that Ford has regained its senses and returned Excursion to the marketb under a new name: Expedition EL.

That baby can sit 8 comfortably, even in 3rd row. There is as much space in the trunk as in the biggest Suburban and it can tow 9,000 with tow package, which is exactly what we are getting. We want to try that American tradition of trailering: going anywhere, anytime without worrying if we find a cabin or a yurt for 6 people. The EPA mileage is not even listed for this fine vehicle because, if you are buying this beast, who cares how much gas you burn.

So, happy Live Earth day, everybody, we are finally going to contribute to the man-made global warming so people in Alaska can cash out on their water-front properties in 20 years.

Welcome to the American tradition of taking up as much space as you can.

Personally, as a liberal, I have no problem with your SUV. Or, I wouldn't, as long as the Government weren't subsidizing every aspect of its existance. The only reason they exist is because of welfare.

But it's a good car for you. You seem to have a thing for the authoritarian.
Americans consume 25 percent of the world's resources, yet only have four percent of the world's population.

Could a similar comparison can be made between SUVs (whose purchase is subsidized by Uncle Fuckin' Dick sneaking my tax dollars into your pocket), and normal / gas-efficient cars?

How about: SUVs consume four times the gas per mile of fuel-efficient cars.

I bet conservative SUV owners just love spending all that hard-earned cash on.... carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Ooh, look at this: one SUV gets better mileage this year than last: 20 vs 18. Wow. Staggering.
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