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I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Chuck Riley is a Democrat and a liar...

...but I repeat myself.

Before the last election, Chuck Riley knew he needed independents and even some Republicans to win. He knew he had won with Mary Gallegos 2 years earlier because she was punished for betraying conservative ideals when she voted for higher taxes. So he knew he had to do something to appeal to the part of electorate that voted for Cox and now was up for grabs again.
So Chuck Riley chose to pretend he stood on the side of law and promised to do something about illegal immigration.

In this flier, he promised the following:
1. Tougher penalties for illegal immigration
2. Secure our nation's borders

I was sceptical. After all, Democrats will do and say anything to be elected.

It turns out I was right. Chuck Riley had a chance to fulfil his promises this legislative session. Yet, he consistently voted against any common sense legislation.

I just received another flier from Chuck Riley that promises to "fight" illegal immigration. This time Chuck wants to only "reduce" illegal immigration. And he wants to do so by penalizing businesses getting state aid if they employ illegal immigrants; by calling on the federal government to secure our borders and reimburse Oregon for the cost of imprisoning illegal immigrants; and by increasing penalties on human traffickers who smuggle illegal immigrants into our state.

So basically, Riley doesn't want to do anything. If illegal immigrants are employed by businesses that don't use state aid Riley will not care. Riley knows he can't force the federal government to do anything. He also knows that human traffickers smuggle illegal immigrants across the southern border to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas; not to Oregon. So this is just clever language Riley uses to sound tough knowing he won't have to do anything.

Lastly, he knows well that Oregon attracts illegals because the state gives driver licenses to anybody. So Riley knows exactly what to do to reduce illegal immigration but he chooses to sound tough and do nothing.

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