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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Never too many monuments for this guy

I may be here but my family is still there. And thanks to him they are better off now. And they know it. In another 20 years Iraqis will be building monuments for Bush, if not sooner.

Opponents of Poland's former communist regime reportedly want to pay a posthumous homage to US President Ronald Reagan by erecting his statue in the place of a Soviet-era monument.

In an
open letter to the mayor of the southwestern city of Katowice, the former anti-regime activists said that the staunchly anti-communist Reagan had been a "symbol of liberty," the Polish news agency PAP reported.

As a result, they said, he deserved to become the centrepiece of the city's Freedom Square, replacing a monument to the Soviet troops who drove out the occupying Nazis in 1945.
They also said that they wanted the site to be rebaptised "Ronald Reagan Freedom Square."
City hall spokesman Waldemar Bojarun said that Katowice's councillors would consider the issue.
Bojarun said that he had "enormous respect" for Reagan.
However, he said, the proposal could cost an estimated 500,000 zlotys (128,000 euros, 168,000 dollars) and the city had "other pressing needs."
There are already separate plans to erect a statue in memory of Reagan in the centre of the
Polish capital, Warsaw, which would be paid-for from private funds.
Reagan, who dubbed the
Soviet Union an "evil empire," is widely credited by Poles with having driven communism to the wall.
The conservative Republican made fighting communism the cornerstone of his 1980-1988 presidency, and backed Poland's Solidarity trade union after it went underground when the regime declared
martial law in 1981.
Reagan died in June 2004 at the age of 93.

You cannot be serious? Are you so disillusioned?
Iraqi's will build a statue for W in 20 years? I'm guessing to thank him for the loss of their husband/wife/son/daughter/friends/family???
Oh, but I'm sure your answer is that they will thank him for bringing Democracy to their nation. And that was of course the reason we went in to Iraq and the reason over 3,100 Americans have lost their lives? Please, if the Iraq people are to enjoy a democracy it will be by their choice and willingness to embrace it. And have you heard of the saying "Do not count your eggs until they've hatched?". If you were to ask the Iraqi people today about building a monument to W I'm positive you would get such a wonderful response. It must be nice in the cloud you now reside on. Please feel free to rejoin the rest of the world here in reality.

As far as Reagan and the Katowice statue, I would ask why this statue, like the one in Warszawa, cannot be built with private funds?? What purpose would it serve the people of Katowice to spend their tax dollars on erecting a statue to a deceased head of state of a foreign nation? While I do not dispute the fact that Reagan had a part to play, he was one of many and in my personal opinion not the sole shining beacon of a savior you would like to portray.
If you yourself feel so strongly and thankful to the man I would challenge you to "pony up" your own funds.
More for Iraqis to be thankful for:
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