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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


World Cup

This was a pretty sad day for Polish fans. Poland all but lost any chances of advancing to the next round when it lost to Germany. But the defeat in itself wasn't disappointing. What was really disappointing was that Poland lost to Germany yet again. In the 85-year history of the Polish-German soccer rivalry Poland has never won. More importantly, for the past 32 years many Poles held a grudge against Germany for not postponing by a day or two the semifinal game in the 1974 World Cup against the host team. After heavy rains the field had standing water on it and the Polish team, whose strength were quick counterattack, thought the game to be too important to take any chances. The authorities insisted that the game go on and Poland lost 1:0.

Poland again lost 1:0 today in 90th minute playing one player short. Just when it seemed the Germans would not take advantage of many spectacular scoring opportunities and when the Polish keeper was exhibiting superior skills, one last action by two German substitutes was enough to beat three Polish defenders and the keeper.

I didn't care much about the Polish team losing to Ecuador. I want the US to go as far as possible to again meet with Germany and avenge that loss 4 years ago on a very questionable goal.

But I can't fool myself. As I was watching the game I was recalling how I felt as an 8-year-old boy watching my heroes lose to Germany, our eternal enemy.

Mathematically, Poland still has a chance. First, Costa Rica has to win with Ecuador. Then, Germany has to win with Ecuador. Lastly, Poland has to win with Costa Rica and 1:0 will not suffice. Poland's goal differential is 3 and with every goal Costa Rica or Ecuador scores it will grow. Is it possible? Of course. Will it happen? Even if Costa Rica, by some miracle, wins with Ecuador, the Germans may play for a 0:0 tie with Ecuador. And Ecuador will cooperate. Germany will finish the group at the first place and will not have to play England right away. And Ecuador will be happy to finish second.

But all of this may be turned into a moot point by 7:45am tomorrow when Costa Rica will succumb to Ecuador. The Cup will still be worth watching. Americans still have a chance. And it will be fun to watch Mexico, Germany, Brazil and France lose.

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