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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Stick it to the chicks

Some lefties on Grovenet do not understand the meaning of the First Amendment.

In case anyone is interested, today is the day the new Dixie Chicks CD goes on sale.
The new song 'Not Ready to Make Nice' is darn good.
I ordered mine on line right after they appeared on 60 minutes.

If you don't know, they are the singers who had the guts to exercise some free speech rights and criticize Bush on stage shortly after he invaded Iraq.
Some people had a problem with people who actually exercise their free speech rights and started a boycott campaign of their music. Bush supporters who don't understand the concept behind free speech went so far as to issue a fatwa with death threats aimed at the Dixie Chicks. The song 'Not Ready to Make Nice' is a statement that they don't think they need to apologize for having genuine feelings and speaking the truth about them.

As they stick to the principle of making music to express themselves, I say 'Good on ya!'
The reason why I bought the CD is two fold. First it is good music and second because I wanted to make a statement that people shouldn't have to be afraid to express a simple opinion.

Nobody has a problem with people exercising their free speech. This is why the chicks are still free and foaming at the mouth. However, the same amendment that gives the chicks the right to say whatever their empty heads can muster allows the rest of us to ignore them, turn our radios off and stop buying their CDs.

I don't know about death threads. I'm not sure however it's fair to compare a few "Bush supporters" making what amounts to prank calls to people who actually deliver on their promises to behead infidels. Talk about liberal moral equivalence.

In any case, I wonder what the lefties on Grovenet would say about BuyBlue.org that was established just after the 2004 election as a means to "Stop supporting companies that don't support your values. Reward companies that have a triple bottom line..."

The unintended consequence of the Buy Blue website is that us rednecks use it to buy red.

The unintended consequence of the chicks' cowardly criticism of President Bush in front of foreign audiences is that we rednecks went somewhere else to listen to country music. And it's not your Toby Keith country music either. It's in-your-face political country music with attitude.

I have already bought three CDs or what The Right Brothers call the Greedy Capitalist Pig Edition and I'm waiting for another one. BTW, I'm playing the music every day when I take my children to school. Their favorite songs include: Bush Was Right, of course, and others such as the pro-life I Want to Live and Dear Mr. Reagan, a tribute to one of the best US presidents, and The Waffle House, a thank-you to God for not letting Kerry become one of the worst.

UPDATE: NYT sticks it to the chicks.

UPDATE: June 08, 2006 Dixie Chicks tour struggling in several markets

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