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Sunday, April 02, 2006



I've been accused many times of "hate-mongering" for expressing opinions that fall somewhere between common sense and sanity. I still have to compile all the things I said on GroveNet that were met with strong objections and condemnations from the dark side. But I for sure have not said anything that even comes close to the following statements:

Pacifist group revealed as moral imbeciles


These smarmy, international busybodies, the Gladys Kravitzes of the Iraq occupation, peering out at the world from behind the curtains with their pursed little disapproving lips?

These sanctimonious, reality challenged little creeps?


What would the hostages have done if shots had been fired? Voluntarily returned to captivity?

If ever a group wasn't worth the effort and risk to free them, it's these guys.


A report out of Baghdad also indicated these self-involved, self-righteous morons declined to provide valuable intelligence about their kidnappers to the British, U.S. and Canadian soldiers who saved their lives!

See, members of Christian Peacemaker Teams are pacifists and they don't co-operate with men with guns who might use the information to track down kidnappers and/or terrorists and shoot them in the head until they agree to stop kidnapping and/or terrorizing people.

Pacifists don't believe in violence and refuse to use it or abet its use. Pacifists are therefore moral imbeciles.

They're like the guy at the party who won't kick in for the pizza but sneaks a slice when he thinks nobody's looking.

Pacifists are the same.

They're thieves who enjoy the protection offered by those they morally despise but aren't willing to get their hands dirty themselves.


We have a functioning government in this country even when the Liberals are in power --although it pains me greatly to admit it,

Taxes are paid and used to fund various projects which are, technically, for the good of all.

I personally would not volunteer to pay income taxes because I am a greedy libertarian.

I pay my taxes because if I don't, men with guns in the service of the state will come to my house and drag my sorry butt to the slammer for evading income taxes.

We live in a civilized society -- in which wimpy pacifist losers can walk around safely -- because we live under constant threat of socially sanctioned government violence.

It's the reason I don't speed (too much), rob banks, use heroin, enslave the weak so I never have to do my own laundry again, or hunt down the teachers who annoyed me in high school to cover them in Hershey's chocolate syrup and stake them out on the nearest red ant hill in the hot sun.


Pacifists such as Loney have never accomplished anything in this world and never will, and they've certainly never created what they purport to love: Peace.

They believe violence never solves anything when, in fact, the judicious use of violence solves many of the large problems.

South Korea is free because men -- real men, not pacifists -- sacrificed to stop the North Koreans from enslaving it. Ditto for Nazi and Japanese aggression during the Second World War. Violence ended black slavery on this continent.

All of those achievements were won by men with guns, not the wimps on the sidelines praying and feeling smug about occupying the moral high ground.
Oh, man, do I feel better just reading this stuff! I know what lefties on GroveNet would call this man. To me he's simply a common-sense-monger.

Via Lucianne.com whose "hate mongering" readers are enjoyed this article as much as I did.

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