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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Grovenet's peace-mongers exposed?

I think that for the most part I know why lefties say things they say and do things they do. But I'm often puzzled about their attitudes toward illegal immigration. Most of them oppose Wal*Mart because of its labor practices. Critics insist that low wages and lack of benefits force tax payers to support many of Wal*Mart's employees through state-sponsored social programs. But the same people who are so vocal about Wal*Mart are either completely unaware of the real impact of illegal immigration on society, or, in fact, believe that illegal immigration is beneficial. When hospitals close because of unpaid bills, when crime goes up, when schools become overcrowded and unmanageable because of language barriers, behavioral problems, etc., they don't want to blame illegal immigration but instead blame Republicans for not raising taxes to pay for everything.

And so I wonder why, seemingly intelligent, albeit misguided people, would insist that the most obvious solution -- stopping illegal immigrants from crossing our borders -- is out of the question.

A few days ago, this post on Grovenet started a very interesting discussion.

The opinions on what should be done ranged from most rational -- close the borders and enforce existing laws, punish employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, and change the laws if necessary -- to the usual tripe -- we need them, without them everything would be more expensive and businesses would fail, etc., etc., etc.

But the most interesting posts came from a few far-lefties who, unknowingly maybe, exposed the true motives of what I would consider the unpatriotic wing of the extreme left.

First came a blame-America-first post:
We are the richest country on earth, and we flaunt our wealth. We drive through Mexico with our motor homes, splash our cash everywhere we go, as the vast majority of Mexicans live in poverty in a country which is controlled by (what is the number?) about ten wealthy families. They have no chance at home. Why are we surprised they want to come north? Wouldn't you? And by what legal means can they aspire to "get what we have"?

So it's our fault that we enjoy the fruits of our labor when we visit Mexico and spend our hard-earned dollars in that hell hole of a country. What would happen to Mexican tourist industry if we stopped going there? Or should we go and just pretend we are poor?

The most revealing post however came, not surprisingly, from the professor himself:
I read or heard somewhere that the "illegal immigrants" are simply returning to the land that was once theirs (meaning crossing the current border), before the US stole it "fair and square" in an unjust war, as Teddy Roosevelt said of the Panama Canal Zone.

This is it! We live in a stolen country. We shouldn't even be here. Whatever laws we may have don't apply to the proper owners. And if we have to spend our taxes on additional social programs for illegal immigrants, that's only just. It's part of reparations surely to come sooner or later.

This wasn't the first the professor espoused similar ideas. It's enough to search through the Grovenet archives to discover that the worst thing that has ever happened to the world is the existence of this country. If it hadn't been for the US, communists, fascists, or, more recently, islamists would rule this world undisturbed spreading their version of justice. This is the same attitude that makes this man root for "insurgents" in Iraq. This is the same man who wants Bush to be impeached. Lest we succeed again in shaping the world's history for the better of all man kind.

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