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Sunday, March 26, 2006


2,500 sq ft lots will not create traffic (UPDATE)

The Forest Grove City Council in its progressive wisdom has approved super high-density housing developments. The new lots will be as small as 2,500 sq ft with only 6 ft between houses. I don't care. I will not live there.

What I find really curious is that the same people who support high-density developments, light-rail and otherwise cramming as many people as possible into small houses on small lots oppose Wal*Mart. I don't get it. I thought they were opposed to increased traffic. But I guess I was wrong. So the only good thing about this latest "judicious" decision is that the councilors and whoever supported them can't possibly use the traffic argument against Wal*Mart anymore.

Obviously, it was clear from the very beginning that most opponents didn't care about traffic. It was about opposing a successful, American, red-state company.

When the social engineers create more traffic, it's to punish people who cherish their freedom to driver whenever they want and wherever they want, alone in their big SUVs. In other words, it's a good thing. But when a private company wants to build a store and do what other private companies do in a free market system like ours -- compete and deliver cheaper goods for their customers -- the social engineers object because the common folk will be able to buy their stuff cheap and spend the extra money on SUVs, which will cause the common folk to pressure the social engineers to build more roads, which the social engineers don't want to do because that would be too much like, you know, American way of life. And, you know, we have to be more like Europeans.

So this decision and the complete lack of any coverage by the local paper -- until after the final decision was made -- simply clarify things a bit.

Speaking of the local paper. The latest edition was not online yet hence no links.

UPDATE: The FGNT story and editorial board take on it have been published on the web.

Bob Browning, a Forest Grove lawyer who represents the owner of one of the properties reviewed Monday, told councilors that three factors now make such developments feasible in Forest Grove.

First, he said, low-interest rates have kept the housing market hot, allowing developers to get the prices they need for high-density homes. (Representatives for two of the developments said their homes would start at about $250,000.)

Second, Browning said, the amount of land suitable for subdivisions has almost disappeared in other cities around Portland, making Forest Grove property more attractive.

Finally, he said, homeowners tastes are changing, as they look for a starter home or a place to downsize as they get older.

"The market today is more accepting of a single-family home on a small lot," said Browning, the city's former development director. "People don't want an apartment. They don't want to give up their house, but they don't care about the yard."
Browning worked against Measure 37. He also believes in something he calls social contract, which means: if you have money, I want to tax it and give it to somebody else. It is ridiculous for him to day "The market today is more accepting of a single-family home on a small lot" when people don't really have any choice in this respect. Because of people like him there is no buildable land left. So if people don't want to live in apartments -- something I agree with -- they are forced to live in single-family home on small lots. Bob Browning and other social engineers like him have taken the possibility of leaving on more than a postage stamp size lots away from us.

One paragraph from the editorial:
On Monday night, Kidd called for more discussion. The mayor said that in travels to other cities, he's seen high-density developments that have fallen into disrepair. If Forest Grove isn't vigilant, he warned, "What we have done tonight is to develop a slum 20 years from now."
It's forgone conclusion as far as I'm concerned. Whenever you put a lot of people into crammed spaces, the result is always the same. This is something social engineers just don't want to understand.

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