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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Peace-mongers give in

During the height of our discussions on GroveNet, I asked the following question:
And related question for peace mongers is: what if American "artists" start desecrating Islamic symbols such as the Koran the way they frequently desecrate Christian symbols and call it art and some Muslim country asks the US government to make them stop or it will go to war with us? Are you willing to compromise our civil liberties (you and ACLU hold so precious when Bush and Republicans want to make us more secure) to placate Islamofascists?

I thought at the time mine was a rhetoric question. I thought that the obvious answer would be that we would never compromise our values. Considering how many on GroveNet complain about the Patriot Act somehow compromising our civil liberties I thought it was safe to assume that nobody would ever compromise on freedom of speech.

Well, it turns out I was wrong. It seems it's OK to offend Christians constantly but a seemingly innocent cartoon of the Muslim prophet is labeled as too offensive by the US media. How pathetic! How incredible! I thought there was nothing sacred for US media. I was wrong. When faced with real possibility of violence they give in. But they do so without admitting what the real reasons are. They are not saying that they are scared to reprint those cartoons because they don't want to die. They claim they are too offensive. What about the crucifix dunked in urine? Wasn't that offensive enough for them? If I remember correctly they were making fun of people who were offended.

We are losing this war. We are giving in to people who have no respect for freedoms. We are not worthy of those freedoms. So please spare me next time you complain Bush is taking your civil liberties away from you. You have forfeited them the moment you say that cartoons that correctly depict "religion of peace" are too offensive to publish. What makes me even more sad is that I just realized I have some respect left for Europeans.

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