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Thursday, November 10, 2005



This has to be some kind of a record. Only two months after parliamentary elections, the winning party, PiS, is facing a vote of confidence today. It's almost guaranteed that all members of PO will vote against PiS given how badly PiS treated PO by preventing its members from holding any major positions in the new government. It's not clear however if this will be enough to bring the new government down. PiS has been actively seeking support of minor parties like LPR and SO.

The whole mess if already costing Poland's economy and the final price could go much higher.

[The minor parties are] demanding a boost in social spending, an increase in the minimum wage and a renegotiation of terms with the EU over farm subsidies [...].

Investors are worried about the comments of new Finance Minister Teresa Lubinska who has said that large, foreign-owned supermarkets are not needed in Poland and has called for an increase in the budget deficit by PLN 2 bln (over the proposed PLN 30 bln by Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz).

These worries are reflected in the fall of the zloty against the dollar and euro in the past two days.

The budget deficit may rise in 2006 if PiS has to compromise with LPR and Samoobrona in return for their support in the vote of confidence.

The vote of no confidence was specific to Teresa Lubinska. Nothing came of it. In any case, there is a clear slant here for the neocon politics of the PO. They're acting like a bunch of immature boys on the playground. They are the ones that mistreated PiS. They agreed to the conditions of the coalition before the second presidential elections, and it was already very clear that Jaroslaw Kaczynski was not going to run for prime minister (clearly, to avoid the appearance of forming a hegemony). Then, after *losing* the elections, they cry about it and recant their agreement with the previously agreed upon conditions. The true colors of the PO have been shown. They are so similar to the SLD (and Tusk's "mowa trawa" is so similar to Kwasniewski's) you'd have to be naive to continue supporting PO. This sort of elitist, pro-wealth, Bush-like political approach just can't fly anymore unless you want to end up knee deep in "democratized" fascism.
You can call it '"democratized" fascism' if you wish but Poland, with its high unemployment, has to be more business friendly. I'm glad the economy is growing and foreign investment capital flowing in. But this is no time to blow it by raising deficits for social programs.
You may be right that PO is throwing a temper tantrum and its members' motives may be less then sincere. But PO's platform would have been better for Poland at this juncture. I hope I'm proven wrong and Poland doesn't join the failed economies of France and Germany.
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