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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A few words on a few elections

After elections in Britain, US, Australia and Japan I thought that the anti-war and anti-American movements couldn't score any great political victories. Unfortunately, anti-Americanism is still strong enough in Germany to throw its recent parliamentary elections in chaos. The irony of those elections is that Germany has no troops in Iraq.

Poland, on the other hand, has had a major military presence in Iraq from the very beginning of the war. The anti-war movement in Poland is very strong. Many Poles want the Polish troops to leave Iraq now if not sooner. But Poles don't seem as anti-American as Germans are. They are also slowly coming to their senses and realizing that socialism is indeed a close cousin of communism and it doesn't work much better. There are also more young people on the voting rolls since communism collapsed 16 years ago. The young people in Poland are fervent supporters of free- market ideas and are much more entrepreneurial than their parents.

So, although not greatly surprised, I'm very relieved when I look at the most recent polls that suggest that the center-right coalition could for the first time since 1989 seize the power and do so by big margins.

What's also encouraging is that my father's party, with which I can only agree on some socially conservative policies, but whose anti-war stance (rooted in anti-Semitism perhaps) and anti-capitalism are simply wrong and short-sighted, is not garnering a lot of support and in fact is losing it.

In this post I may have expressed some hopes for my father's party and I'd still prefer for it to do better than the populist-leftist Samoobrona or the currently ruling SLD. But I think the if the two current leaders can create big enough a coalition with LPR they should do so.

Poland is scheduled for general elections on September 25. The presidential election will take place in October. Let's hope the polls are correct and Poland doesn't buck the positive trend like Germany just did.

"Unfortunately, anti-Americanism is still strong enough in Germany to throw its recent parliamentary elections in chaos."

Seriously, anti-Americanism isn't that strong. Or do you consider fear of harsh welfare reforms to be Anti-Americanism?

If so, I guess, you consider vegetarianism to be Anti-American as well...
If it's not anti-Americanism why would Schroeder have to use posters like this?

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