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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Grovenet goes after Karl

After a few days of silence, Grovenet was awaken by the media reports that Rove may indeed be involved in "outing" of Plame. The problem is that although there are some speculations as to how involved Rove really was, nobody knows all the facts yet.

One question that was posed on Grovenet does however beg for an answer:
So where is Robert Novak in all of this? He is the one who broke the name first, when he was writing a column about the role Wilson played in investigating claims about Iraq's nuclear ambitions.

So here is my answer:
It is indeed interesting that nobody asks Novak any hard questions.

My theory. It's wild. But not as wild as accusations of "Bush and Rove lied!"

Miller knew the Wilsons well, including the CIA stuff. She leaked the info to Novak somehow. Novak's column hits the wire on 11th. Rove reads it in the morning. Cooper calls Rove around 11am to talk about welfare. Cooper changes subject to Wilson. Rove says that Wilson is a lying liar (e.g., a shill for Democrats) and nobody responsible sent him to Niger where he drunk a lot of green tea. It looks like it was his wife, somebody working behind a desk for CIA on WMD stuff. So, you know, don't go too wild on that no-uranium-from-Niger story as it may turn out not to be true.

I think Miller is in jail not to incriminate herself.

Wild, isn't it?

UPDATE: I wondered why the Grovenet lefties are not defending Rove for being a whistle blower. They just hailed Mark Felt for "telling the truth" and stopping "another corrupt Republican administration."

Well, what do you know? WSJ is wondering as well:
Democrats and most of the Beltway press corps are baying for Karl Rove's head over his role in exposing a case of CIA nepotism involving Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame. On the contrary, we'd say the White House political guru deserves a prize--perhaps the next iteration of the "Truth-Telling" award that The Nation magazine bestowed upon Mr. Wilson before the Senate Intelligence Committee exposed him as a fraud.

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