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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


A surprise caller

I was listening to reruns of the Lars Larson show on Sunday evening while building doors for the wardrobe in my boys' bedroom. The topic was Rep. Karren Minnis' proposal to raise $15 million in property taxes just for Portland schools. Lars was asking why Republicans would support this idea before placing Oregon School employees in a statewide insurance pool, instead of in insurance plans picked by individual school districts.

This is what The Oregonian says about Senate Bill 639, which would create such a school employee insurance pool:
Kulongoski argues the single insurance pool, similar to one for state employees, would save millions of dollars annually in administrative and premium costs. The proposal is backed by the Oregon Education Association but is opposed by the Oregon School Boards Association, which offers an insurance program that many districts use for some or all of their employees.
At some point, to my surprise, Shawn Vilhauer, the newly elected Forest Grove school board member called and said that he had received an e-mail from the Oregon School Boards Association urging him to call his representatives and ask them to oppose the bill. He seemed genuinely upset by the e-mail. He also expressed some opinions that I could easily label as conservative. Just the fact that he was listening to Lars' show and decided to call made me think that for some reason the people of Forest Grove made a "mistake" and voted in a pretty decent guy.

We will see. It may be worth attending some meetings once the school board resumes its activities next fall.

You guessed correctly. I am indeed a conservative. However, I am very relaxed on social issues unlike the extremists on the right. Some people consider me moderate. Anyway, I am honored to have the oportunity to serve the Forest Grove School District. I plan on working very hard and child safety is on my list. I plan on starting a non-profit foundation with the goal of getting stricter laws regarding convicted sex offenders and registering with the state and county when they move. I also want parole and probation officers held accountable for these type of felons slipping through the cracks.

There is more I have in mind as far as policy is concerned for the district. It is my thought that that we should be more pro-active concerning protecting kids from sex predators. I dont want to wait until a tragedy to get things done.
Shawn, how did you find this blog?

Oh, BTW, welcome!
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He left office in shame.

Too bad. Never would have guessed he was into drugs.
Vilhauer is an animal Look here:


Anyone who would do that to his own family would certainly do worse to strangers.

An absolutely horrific man.
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