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Thursday, December 16, 2004


I'm being chased by a stadium

When I lived in Seattle many years ago, local politicians got this great idea of using public money to finance constructions of new football and baseball stadiums (stadia?). I don't remember exactly all the chronology of events and when everything happened (I didn't become a citizen until 1993 so I hadn't followed local politics very closely). What I remember is a referendum that didn't pass but the politicians somehow built the stadiums anyway.

But by then, I was already in Madison, WI.

A year or so ago, local politicians here in the Portland area started talking about building a baseball stadium here to attract a major baseball team. I got concerned. I always get concerned when politicians say something is good for the economy but it requires an "investment."

I was relieved when the major baseball team decided to move to Washington D.C. instead. It seemed that local politicians there had promised a better deal.

So I considerthis to be a major setback to my hopes of avoiding being finally caught by a stadium financing.

"The president of Major League Baseball last night called the District's legislation for a new stadium "wholly unacceptable" and halted all business and promotional activities for the Washington Nationals until further notice.

"Baseball's aggressive response came at the end of a day in which city officials, business leaders and fans contemplated the potential impact of the D.C. Council's decision Tuesday to dramatically alter an agreement negotiated over several months.

"Robert A. DuPuy, baseball's president, appeared to rule out renegotiating with the city. In a statement released last night, DuPuy said the council's decision to require private funds to pay for half the cost of building a stadium 'does not reflect the agreement we signed and relied upon.'"

Why does this concern me? How about this?

"[...] baseball officials could decide to move the Nationals to another city immediately or after the team plays next season at RFK. Other regions that have sought a team include Northern Virginia; Las Vegas; Portland, Ore.; and Monterrey, Mexico."

Got it? The team could decide to come here. Why? Because apparently Oregon in general and Portland in particular have great economies and are flash with money. Mayor Katz insists that no taxpayer money would be used for the construction of the new stadium I and many others don't believe her. It wouldn't be the first time politicians lied about such things, would it?

The news from D.C. is, in fact, raising new hopes for the fans of major baseball in Portland. My only hope is that Northern Virginia, Las Vegas, or Monterrey are more desperate to play ball than Portland is.

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