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Somebody once said we are all Americans, sometimes born in the wrong places.
On a warm autumn day in 1986, while enjoying beer with my college buddies,
I decided to join my new homeland.

I've come to appreciate the ideals that helped create this great country.
Liberalism, political-correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalence
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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Post-election thoughts

It's really over and it's really true. I just came back from a local bar where I and a friend from work had a few beers to celebrate an overwhelming Republican success. In fact, when one looks at all what happened on Tuesday it can't be mistaken for anything else than a complete Republican blowout. I think the Vietnam syndrome is over. I think this is the beginning of a total Republican domination of American politics for the next 50 years or until I die whatever comes first. I want Social Security to be privatized, I want school choice, I want income tax to be abolished and most importantly I want to kick some French ass. OK, scratch the last one, they are almost dead anyway.

My condolences also go out you and to our cities, county, state and country. Oregon has once again chosen to vote a selfish pocketbook and backward social agenda into law. Through machines that can't be checked, or recounted, the corrupt Bush administration has stolen yet another election, only much more slickly this time than last. Our nation is the victim of a masterful crime. You may be feeling much like I am: depressed, angry, even a little sick, and certainly fearful of what the next four years will bring, but know this, the house of cards was beginning to topple as the summer turned to autumn. Reports suppressed until after the election will be coming out over the next few months...and as time goes on people will see how they were manipulated and used by a vicious and immoral gang who draped themselves with false competence and morality.

So the work goes on...resistance is not futile. Alana and I would personally like to organize for a National Strike on Jan. 20th - inauguration day (a Thursday this year). Whatever we do, know that we are stronger for the work already done, and together we can accomplish much more.
Yes, I voted my "selfish pocketbook and backward social agenda" because you refuse to let me have any say in how the money I earn should be sepnt.

I listened to Air America this morning and I couldn't believe the conspiracy theories put forth by some of the callers and even the hosts. It doesn't surprise me that people will believe for the next 4 years that this election was also stolen.

I can't wait to see this national day of strike. Boy, I wonder what will happen.

My "friends" continue:

I LOVE the idea of a National Strike on Inauguration day!!!! The good thing that has come out of all this is the strong network of progressives that has formed. (I just HAVE to believe there's something good that came of this or I'll become suicidal.) Many, many, many thanks to the two of you for all your hard work!!!
Suicidal? Isn't it enough that Republicans are winning because of Row effect?

My suicidal "friends" get some advise from the North:

What I think is that there may be some good come of this. True, Bush will think every American aside from a few gay literate bearded communist mullahs are 101% behind him (and God) in the fight against rational thought, and act on it. But to be frank, I never believed Kerry was going to pull America's chestnuts out of the fire Bush dropped them in. The situation was well nigh irretrievable -- you're in Iraq, in debt, and in trouble. Maybe it's better Bush suffer the inevitable consequences than a Democrat president. Had the situation blown up in the face of Kerry, it would have discredited the liberal approach to politics for another generation. The best we could expect is that both sides would be discredited, but realistically we know all that would have happened is that the Republicans would screech, "we should've stayed the course! Bush was right!" But... Kerry isn't president. Bush is. Let Bush be proven wrong in the eyes of the world.

It's going to be hard on everyone, though. I don't envy Americans... but at least there's someone who's going to suffer far worse -- Iraqis and any other Arab nation Bush sets his sights on.

From what I've heard so far, the vote divided dramatically. Overwhelming support for Kerry in the urban parts of the U.S. -- the northeast and west coast. Support for Bush was in the predominantly rural and right-wing areas of America -- the sunbelt and cactus belt, the bible belt, cattle and oil country. I've struggled with the concept and think I can sum it up -- Peasant America elected Bush; Bourgeois America voted Kerry. (And Patrician America chose the candidates for you.)

The notion of an American peasantry is rather shocking, but does make sense. They voted largely symbolic issues -- a friend of mine put it God, Guns, and Gays. (He might have added Gas.) Like a Russian peasant, he (the American peasant) is loyal to God, Czar, and Holy Mother Russia, and distrusts egg-head Jews from the the city. "Foreigners" are invading Germans, invading Turks, invading Mongols.... and, lately, Arab terrorists.
How about the following? I may be working with one of these people!!!

Once again, a host of high light beings has requested me to speak on their behalf. We wish our voices to be heard around the world because the world is keenly watching the presidential election outcome in the United States. We are urging all peoples of all nations to attach NO negative sentiments to this! As we have said previously, and other high light sources have given this same word to their respected channel messengers: The outcome is not significant! The so-called victor is the candidate of the Illuminati faction that won the battle of infighting that has seesawed for several months. The two factions differ in the strategies within their dark agendas, but the ultimate aim of both factions is global domination. This no more favorably serves the people of the United States—most of whom are unaware that their votes do not count—than it serves any other country where true freedom and honest elections are valued. What IS of great significance to everyone on the planet is the massive amount of light generated by the voters! Regardless of their choices, these citizens cast their ballots with the desire, even conviction, that their preferred candidate will make wise decisions that will bring peace, end environmental destruction, and initiate other beneficial changes to improve conditions in the United States and the world. Collectively the voters who turned out in great numbers have substantially added to the light that is moving Earth into the higher frequencies. While it is true that much darkness is yet to be transmuted into light, the outpouring of electors in the United States has given Earth a considerable boost on her journey. If you could see the soul of Earth in this moment, you would be stunned by the brilliance! THIS is the magnificent joy of this day that we see and we wish to have YOU see! Today has brought your world closer to the era of peace and love, where all leaders will be acting within spiritual integrity and peoples of all nations will live within cooperation, compassion, justness, forgiveness, comfort and harmony. You need to remain steadfast in the light during the times of turmoil that will precede that Golden Era. Earth still must rid herself of the remaining negativity along her journey into fourth density, and that is why we urge all who may feel disheartened in this moment NOT to attach that negativity to the election outcome. Please do not add to Earth’s chore in this respect! Instead, feel immensely heartened by what WE see this day! Feel immensely heartened by knowing that the numbers of people awakening and becoming soul searchers are continuously growing, and you have as constant allies and helpers myriad members of your space family, in physical as well as in spirit, among you on the planet as well as surrounding it. The abundance of love-light being beamed to each of you comes with a purity, beauty and intensity you can only imagine, and the light we see within you is equally joyous for us. Stay the light course, our beloved Earth family—we are with you!


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