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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


(Knee) jerk

I've been ignoring this blogger for a while now but all good things come to an end. She is a somewhat influential Pole teaching in my graduate school. And she is wrong on all important issues. Just in case there is any doubt, she does not represent all Polish immigrants.

For example, in this post, she is surprised that a somewhat useless (unless we are there for oil) US-sponsored project is environmentally sound because "our other projects [are] environmentally irresponsible and foolish." She is so sure "there are plenty to choose from" but doesn't cite even one example. It's such a knee-jerk reaction to put down anything US does for its own interest.

BTW, I'm still waiting for a post on the recent French atrocities. She is so "shaken" by what's going on in Iraq that I thought she would surely write something about Ivory Coast.

I guess I find it somewhat reassuring that someone out there has all the correct answers and can definitively say that I am wrong on all of them. I myself do not think I am "right" or "wrong," I simply give one perspective -- my own. To even suggest that I ever try to represent "all Polish immigrants" is laughable. Of course, since you find everything I say so wrong, I am surprised that you do return and read "Ocean." I suppose it is to reaffirm your own correct positions on everything.
Many things:

First, this post appears to implicitly support U.S. projects. But, it's also a knee-jerk reaction to crazily support any US-sponsored project just because the US sponsors it. Shouldn't we evaluate each one individually, which, incidentally, is what she did? If you're going to criticize her post about the Antarctica project, maybe you should tell us something about it, about why it works or doesn't work, and about why you disagree with what she said. You didn't do that.

(By the way, your blog is full of crazed knee-jerk, unsupported conservatism, i.e., "Fox..is fair and balanced!" Okay, in what ways has Fox had provided important fair and balanced news unavailable to you through other news sources? It can't be that Ken-Jennings-Mormon-donation-thing, because that was in the New York Times earlier today. So shut up about knee-jerkism.)

Second, she didn't claim to represent all Polish immigrants. You're the one who titled your blog "Polish Immigrant," as if you speak for the generalized category.

Third, in a post complaining about her lack of examples of environmentally unsound US policies, maybe you could come up with one or two examples of environmentally sounds ones. Just a thought. You wouldn't want to come across as if you're insanely sounding off on a topic about which you know nothing, would you?

Fourth, re: the Iraq war. An atrocity is an atrocity, and it's perfectly acceptable to condemn one as such without condemming every other one in the world. I'm not particularly anti-Iraq-war, but if I said, "the Iraq war is an atrocity," it would not be a valid counter-argument to say, "Yeah, well, there are other atrocities in Darfur." Noting the presence of other atrocities in no way mitigates the horror of the atrocity under discussion.

As opposed to you, I'm comfortable admitting when I don't know much about something. Foreign policy isn't my area, and I don't know much about what's going on in the Ivory Coast. I tried to follow your link, but it doesn't work. (Note: Having functional supporting evidence for your point is standard practice in such arguments, but whatever. I'll google it later.) Anyway, whatever atrocities the French may or may not have committed, they in no way negate any atrocities possibly committed in Iraq. Period.

Fifth and finally: You don't need to tell my mom she's wrong about everything. If you disagree with some specific things she's said, feel free to e-mail her rather than categorically insult her in public. I know you're too chickenshit to actually sit down and have intellectually enriching conversations on these issues with a professor (conversations in which she, you know, learned something, and so did you), but it would be better to get over that little complex than to act as you have. Would you be thrilled if someone summarily dismissed as you dismissed her? If someone dismissed your mom/dad/best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend this way? Anonymous blogs allow people to act in ways they wouldn't in real life, but it's still important to treat people kindly and with respect, which you've neglected to do here.
I totally agree with everything Susannah44 said. Well put.
Dear Polish Immigrant: It appears as though you have a very active blog going here, and I hope that you're getting a lot out of writing it. I have my own blog, and like you I've only been keeping it for a while. If you're like me, your approach to the blog has changed over time, as you've discovered a little bit about what works and what doesn't. I'm sure that's been true over at Ocean, too.

My unsolicited advice is that the post you've written here does not represent the direction that you want to take your blog in. It's not worthwhile for you or your readers, and it's not in the spirit of tolerance and respect that are so valued here in the United States, your adopted homeland.
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