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Monday, October 18, 2004


Voter fraud projection

I got this e-mail from a local pro-Kerry, pro-Democrat group:

We're seeing voter suppression efforts already here in Washington County, along with what may or may not be a widespread problem with ballots.

If you have or know directly of someone who has had the following happen:

- Been called by someone representing themselves as Elections employees and saying that there was a mistake in printing the ballot and that any current ballots should be destroyed
- Been approached or offered to have a ballot picked up and/or delivered to the Elections office by someone representing themselves as a Kerry supporter or volunteer WITHOUT a badge and receipts
- Any intimidation of non-English speaking or immigrant citizens who are told to vote for the President or risk losing citizenship
- Employees being told to vote for any candidate or measure along with an explicit or implied threat of termination for not voting along with the employer's wishes
- Former inmates being told they can't vote (is a parole violation, etc.) ex-convicts can vote the minute they are released from prison in Oregon (provided they are registered)
- Incomplete ballot mailing - missing either the secrecy or return envelopes, or the ballot itself
- Any other scams that prevent people (especially Democrats) from voting

Call 1-877-640-8811 and report the problem to the Democratic Party elections hotline that has a number of attorneys working these issues

If you did not receive all of the ballot materials, also call 1-866-673-8683 to request a replacement ballot.

Do the same if you haven't received your ballot by the 21st (call today if you're not sure your registration went through given the high jinks we've seen so far).

I think Oregon is very close. In every state where the election is close, Democrats will use tactic of pre-emptive claim of voter fraud to have grounds for court cases if they lose.

I also think that this is a case of projection (you know, when you suspect that somebody will do what you are willing to do) than a legitimate complaint about something happening on the ground.

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