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Sunday, October 10, 2004


Fishy endorsements

Today, the Oregonian endorsed John Kerry. It's not surprising even thought 4 years ago the Oregonian endorsed Bush. (There is an interesting article in the Oregonian about the endorsement process.)

The headline of the endorsements reveals the self-hatred of the left:

"The Democrat could help rebuild the United States' standing in the world while restoring balance at home."

So the most important thing for the Oregonian is how we are viewed by the rest of the world. (What's balance at home?)

And this is interesting:

"...Bush campaigned as a moderate and his narrow, contested election was anything but a mandate for sweeping change."

What the hell does this mean? I thought you either win or lose; there is no gradation of victory. And once you win, you should be able to make certain principled decisions. I don't think the left would hesitate for one second in a similar situation. Hell, they are minority party right now and are blocking many of the president's initiatives and judges by filibuster.

And there is this:

"On fiscal policy, the White House and leaders in Congress have failed to fully acknowledge the threat posed by the giant deficits that the current recipe of tax cuts and profligate federal spending has brewed. Addressing this will not be as simple as paying for tax cuts through spending cuts."

Why not? If you don't like deficits, stop spending. You have no right to my money unless a particular spending is enumerated in the constitution; taking money from one person and giving it to another, no matter how needy, without the consent of the giving is theft (some of Bandarik's lines are not bad. )

But I blame Bush here too. I understand that he has to buy votes by legislating pork but it never works. I wonder how many Medicare recipients will vote for Bush because of the drug bill. There is no right to healthcare. People get old, sick and die. Get used to it! If you have to choose between food and medicine, choose medicine if you are fat. You may actually get better. OK, I know it's harsh but there must be limits on how much even a capitalist economy can support to benefit as many people as possible without wasting money on things that are impossible to achieve: we will never live forever!

The good news is that the Oregonian also endorsed Goli Ameri. But like with anything the libs do, I suspect it was done for all the wrong reasons.

I always tried to wear cotton gloves when reading the
fishwrap. I was allergic to the ink or something. My
head always hurt afterwards.
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