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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


America haters

Michael Medved makes this argument from time to time: if you think that USA is overall a force for good, there is a very good chance you are a patriot. Otherwise, you are America hater, somebody like Michael Moore. I always wonder what drives such people, where they live what they do. Well, I think I've found one here in Forest Grove. The following e-mail was sent to the West County Coalition for Human Dignity Yahoo group as a response to an invitation to an election party.

What is interesting is author's consistency. Many Democrats consider JFK to have been a decent president. But by today's standards, a self-respecting lefty should in fact hate him with the same passion as he hates Bush.

In that vein, I've attached an article from commondreams.org by Medea Benjiman (founder of CodePink) specifically around what we can do on Nov. 3 of this election is stolen ala 2000.

Or ala 1960 when the Chicago Democratic machine stole the election for Kennedy (whose legacy of an invasion of Cuba and a war in south-east Asia probably marks him as the only president of my lifetime worse than the present monster.) ...or, as near as I can tell, any other close election in Amerikkkan history. The myth of free and fair elections here is one of the mainstays of the fascist corporate state.

Were I not so happy to be out of this place on November 2nd, I'd be sad to say that we will not be able to be at the party. We'll be on a Global Exchange* tour of the Mexican border area, looking at fascism from the outside and, appropriately, celebrating The Day of the Dead. Unfortunately, like our Mexican sisters & brothers, we will probably be compelled by economic necessity to return.

For a weaker Amerikkka,
[name deleted]
*(another of Media’s organizations – store on Hawthorne in Portland for your holiday shopping)

I wonder if anybody responds with at least a hint of admonishment.

Ironically, I share author's frustrations with our elections but for different reasons. For example, I would like to make sure that our Mexican brothers and sisters who are not yet US citizens didn't participate.

UPDATE: This is a funny story. So when a candidate for elected office hosts F911 viewing parties and somebody calls her on it, she gets all indignant about it. Her opponent did exactly what I did in this letter. BTW, I have to check the latest News-Times.

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